Banza – 2015 Grand Prize Winner | Apply For The 2017 Accelerate Michigan!

Banza – 2015 Grand Prize Winner | Apply For The 2017 Accelerate Michigan!



2015 Accelerate Michigan Grand Prize Winner

Early Bird Applications Deadline Friday, August 4th

Company Eligibility & Deliverables

Company Profile:

Founded – 2014
Location – Detroit, MI
Employees – 11
Total Fundraised – $1.9M+

  • Brian Rudolph, Co-Founder
  • Scott Rudolph, Co-Founder



Banza is a food innovation company that prides itself in making staple food products more nutritious with key ingredients. The company’s first product was a pasta made from chickpeas with 25grams of protein and half the net carbs of regular pasta.

Banza has set out to alter the framework around pasta similarly to the way Chobani changed the yogurt category – creating a better version of a staple food product to the point that it becomes the obvious choice for consumption. The populations that tend to live the longest eat the most amount beans, meanwhile Americans are eating less beans than ever before. The company is fueled by the idea that they can tremendously impact lives by creating nutritious food alternatives for daily diets. In recent years, there has been greater scrutiny and demand for transparency around our food systems resulting in better food products & processes.

Banza has found success quickly – the company was named one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2015 by Time Magazine, their chickpea pasta can be found in 3,000 stores across the country, and recently released its spaghetti and mac & cheese food products.

Key Learnings:

  • The most valuable component of the competition is being able to connect with folks in the business community that may be able to provide tremendous support to your company in the (near) future
  • If you are at Accelerate Michigan that means you are an ambitious person, don’t forget that – make sure everyone knows that you are going for something that’s really big and get people excited about what you’re building!