2015 Semi-Finalists

Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc. 

Akadeum Life Sciences, Inc.—a venture-backed startup—was formed in 2014 to fundamentally change the way that cell sorting is performed and thought about. Cell sorting is the process of capturing and separating cells out of unwanted biological debris and is a central component of life science research, diagnostics, and even food pathogen testing.

Akadeum is developing a family of cell sorting products including reagents, disposable sorters, and related devices—that are all used to isolate cells. Currently, customers are using Akadeum products for a variety of applications that reflect large market opportunities. The products allow for improved cell sorting and add measurable return on investment for end-users. This is enabled by the core technology, called buoyancy-activated cell sorting (BACS™), which uses microbubbles to capture target cells and then quickly float them to the surface for removal. Our team brings expertise in cutting-edge and award-winning research and development as well as extensive professional experience in biotechnology startups. The current focus is on continued product development and sales goals, starting in the Life Science Research Market.

Akervall Technologies, Inc. 

Akervall Technologies Inc. (ATI) invents and manufactures ultra-thin, comfortable low weight mouth guards that allow users to talk and drink for sports, dentistry, military and hospital markets. ATI was founded in 2008 by Dr. Jan Akervall, MD, PhD and Prof Johannes Schwank, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan.

The SISU™ mouth guard is based on a non-compressible thermoplastic polymer that is 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards, despite being 60% thinner. Sisu™ dissipates impact forces away from underlying teeth, thus avoiding dental injuries. Under a SBIR phase II grant from National Science Foundation ATI is developing an adaptive mouth guard that can switch from soft and comfortable to firm and protective instantly under impact. ATI has currently a product line of 35 US made products that are FDA approved and are sold through three sales channels: website, retail and distributors. ATI signed with Reebok/CCM in 2014 to become their global ice hockey guard, and spin off innovations for other protective gears are currently discussed with Nike. A 15k sq. ft. manufacturing, sales and research facility was purchased in 2014. Sales in 2014 were $1.5M and projections for 2015 are $2.6M based on a 60% increase in sales for Q1-2.


Aktv8 was formed in November 2014 to capitalize on the growing $2B market for electronically adjustable suspension to improve ride comfort, handling, and safety in all vehicle markets: starting with aftermarket, followed by commercial truck/bus and eventually OEM automotive. Aktv8 has two customers funding product development and has been awarded a $5MM production contract starting 2016.  Recent contact with other customers is generating multiple quote opportunities globally. Aktv8’s technologies offer configurable “made-easy” solutions for customers frustrated by the available complex “hobby-grade” systems and the lack of affordable customizable solutions.  Our patent pending electronic air suspension controller, iAir, combines sensors, controls, and air manifold into an “all-in-one” module that offers significantly more value to vehicle manufacturers.  The patented semi-active damper offers three adjustable damper configurations from one low-cost technology. Both products are assembled via contract manufacture in Michigan.

The founders include Josh Coombs, Gary Meyers, and Tom Zagotta. Gary, CEO, brings automotive executive management, operations, and start-up experience.  Josh, CTO, brings over 20 years of advanced suspension including 15 granted patents and 9 years of products similar to iAir and iDamper. He is well networked and respected by prospective customers. Tom brings over 24 years of embedded software and electronics development.


AlertWatch develops real-time patient monitoring software to help hospitals improve clinical quality, provider workflow, and billing accuracy.  The product does this by integrating hundreds of pieces of data onto a visual representation of each patient, clearly communicating problems in way that existing medical records can and do not. AlertWatch has been shown to provide significant clinical and financial benefits to its users, and with strong IP, a strong founding team, and strong sales and product pipelines, we are poised to help shepherd hospitals into this new era of accountable care.


AMF-NANO supplies environmental monitoring and control solutions for specialty applications. AMF-Nano has created the first and only level sensor that fits onto the outside of the tanks in a non-intrusive way which completely eliminates the installation cost and need for tank modification in order to fit a sensor inside. Current liquid/solid level monitoring sensors are intrusive, costly to maintain and unable to provide accurate real-time info.  AMF-Nano’s solution is based on a proprietary sensor and machine learning software technology. The experienced team includes a mix of technically skilled and business savvy managers, several with entrepreneurial experience.

AMF-Nano is currently partnering with 6 customers in oil and gas, waste and agriculture industries due to the market demand for such solutions. The total number of tanks that could benefit from this technology is 5.1 million, representing a total addressable market of over $ 8.6 billion.  In June 2015 AMF-Nano has signed a $700,000 technology licensing deal with the largest US remote tank monitoring company and has received an upfront payment of $250,000. The rest of the payment will be received after the technology milestone is met at the end of 2015. AMF-Nano will receive royalty payments from all future Tank Genie sales.


Ansik – PitStop is a platform as a service that aggregates and processes big data to perform predictive maintenance for vehicles. Pitstop integrates with OEMs, component suppliers, service centers, fleets, OBD modules, mobile apps, and online databases to access data. Using machine learning and data analysis on these sources provides us with the ability to predict issues ranging from worn tires to blown head gaskets. We license our platform to four key customer segments: Service centers (increase service revenues), Fleets (reduce vehicle downtime), Component Suppliers (predict when parts fail), and Mobile Apps (improve product value & offerings).


Arborlight is committed to enhancing the human experience and well-being in the built environment.  Our first product on the market, named LightWell, is the first in a suite of smartphone controlled Daylight Emulation® products released in 2015. Traditional windows and skylights illuminate space with the unique dynamic signature of daylight, a superior form of illumination that changes color, intensity and directionality with outdoor conditions, conveying time, a sense of connectedness and spectral characteristics capable of influencing health, well-being and even sleep patterns, thus impacting mood and cognition.

By emulating spectral content and dynamics of daylight very closely, Arborlight products, architected to look just like traditional skylights, can express daylight conditions in real-time for spaces otherwise unable, or unwilling, to penetrate the building envelope. With variable architectural styles and customizable glazings, Arborlight seeks to satisfy a wide range of decors in both commercial and residential markets, while enabling user control and reducing water ingress liability.

Market penetration with our Gem-1product, LightWell, has been exceptional with inbound demand from all over the country and internationally, with initial customers from the Fortune 500 list as well as hospitals and schools.  Arborlight operates out of Ann Arbor and Plymouth and all products are Michigan made.


Banza is a food innovation company based in Detroit, MI. Through novel manufacturing techniques, Banza creates original and highly nutritious food products. Every Banza product is designed to disrupt its category. Banza’s flagship product is a pasta made from chickpeas. Packed with 25g of protein and 13g of fiber per serving, Banza is reinvigorating a declining pasta category. In just one year, Banza’s pasta is in 1500 stores and has created 30 jobs. Banza intends to extend the brand to more chickpea based products, such as cereal and tortillas.

Beet Analytics

Beet Analytics – Social manufacturing is a new ecosystem and platform that will powerfully integrate people and machines in ways the world has not seen before. This social manufacturing revolution will bring Industry 4.0 into reality. Social manufacturing consists of three pillars: digitizing every element and participant in manufacturing processes like robots, clamps, stops, operators, and conveyors; creating a manufacturing environment based on social networking methodologies transforming the factory from an isolated struggle to a social/global collaboration; and establishing the foundation to enable big data driven optimized manufacturing processes
The tool responsible for institutionalizing Social Manufacturing as a way of life in the factory is ENVISION,  a cutting edge software aimed at improving companies’ ability to optimize automated processes, minimize maintenance, and increase throughput by: monitoring every automated motion/event of a factory in real-time; digitizing, visualizing, and analyzing extraordinary amounts of raw data in user friendly formats; delivering a quantum leap in system diagnostics technology and institutionalizing social networking concepts to new generation workers on the factory floor


The US healthcare industry spends approximately $30 B annually on treating healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), where catheter-associated costs play a significant role, and Medicare does not reimburse hospitals if patients acquire HAIs during their in-patient stay. Catheter-associated infection and dysfunction is caused by biofilm formation, thrombosis, and smooth muscle cell growth, and affects at least 700,000 patients per year in the US alone. Biocrede has a proprietary formulation that can be infused into any polymeric medical catheter or device to safely provide anti-bacterial, anti-thrombosis, and anti-stenosis properties by releasing Nitric Oxide for more than a month, just like our body cells do. Further, we have designed a breakthrough wireless micro-sensing device to continuously monitor intravenous (IV) blood parameter levels of critical ill patients with sepsis, organ failure, trauma, or acute inflammatory response in the ICU, and patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) recovering from cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) surgery to reduce mortality. Biocrede Inc (Plymouth, MI) was established in June of 2012, and we incubate and translate (1) Bio Medical and (2) Diagnostics technologies. We focus on nitric oxide releasing biomaterials that have antibacterial, anti-clotting, and anti-restenosis properties to enhance the biocompatibility, performance, and durability of implantable devices and catheters.


The Civionics Percēv System provides asset managers with a comprehensive wireless monitoring solution that reliably tracks the performance and health of advanced engineered systems operating in demanding environments in order to ensure their safe and reliable operation. Our proprietary analytics engine automates the interrogation of sensor data to provide asset managers with what they need most: actionable information that empowers asset management decisions.

Civionics’ technologies, which were originally developed at the University of Michigan, have been thoroughly tested in demanding, real-world situations, including bridges in Korea, wind farms in Germany, and US Naval warships. We are now delivering these technologies to customers who rely on the predictable performance of their highly critical equipment to ensure safe and profitable operation. This includes customers in: advanced manufacturing, for monitoring automotive stamping plants since the failure of a single piece of equipment can bring corporate-wide production to a halt; energy production, for monitoring the structural integrity of offshore oil platforms since failures carry significant monetary and environmental consequences; and critical infrastructure, for assessing the health of railroad bridges since their failures often have dire consequences.

Click Care, LLC 

Click Care LLC of Michigan has created LifeBrush, a smart toothbrush that shows brushers where they are brushing and where they are missing. LifeBrush gathers this data via Inertial Navigation Technologies contained in the brush. As LifeBrush tracks the areas being brushed it sends that data to a mobile device through Bluetooth LE where the data is displayed in a mobile app on a 3-D model of the teeth.  Brushers can see in real-time and correct their brushing.

LifeBrush also allows patients to share brushing data with parents and health care providers (including dental offices) through Click Care’s cloud-based software platform.  With this software platform health care providers can opt-in for alerts when a patient’s brushing habits are faltering. Self-monitoring and connected providers creates more engaged patients. LifeBrush is not a novelty, for many it is a necessity.


To fill the massive need for content, ContentOro is creating the first content marketplace where businesses will search, find and lease quality authoritative content for use in content marketing applications like: email, social media and blogs.  This is the same idea as Getty Images, who has a marketplace for photography and other images and who changed the way brands develop marketing and advertising collateral. We are solving a problem nearly all website owners have.  Where can I get quality, authoritative and reasonably priced content, TODAY?

We work with book publishers to license the contents of books for use online, we then use our proprietary software to systematically break a book down to its smallest pieces and parts: paragraphs, images and tables. We load those into a relational database, sublicense to our customer and then stream content to their websites, where it’s then used in mobile, social, blog and email campaigns amongst other ideas. Our customers benefit from a massive range of content, written and edited by experts, available on-demand and for a cost that beats the great majority of competitors.

Diversified Solar Systems, LLC

Diversified Solar Systems (DSS), a Michigan LLC, has developed an innovative portable power generation system with unprecedented features, performance, reliability, and financial benefits.  DSS integrates solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, diesel engine generator set, and battery storage into a “mobile microgrid” package for application across numerous electric power markets.  Key differentiators include 1) largest available portable PV output (up to 18 kW), 2) panel protection and extended performance/life via automated face-down stowage, 3) dual-axis tracking for maximum PV harvesting, 4) vent-cooling system, 5) energy management and user-feedback controls/software, 6) compact trailer mounted packaging for cost-effective transport, and 7) rapid deployment (full operation by 2 personnel within 90 minutes).

DSS has a strong IP position with a number of issued and pending patents (U.S. and abroad) covering the above innovations.  While numerous potential market segments can be addressed with our product, our initial focus is on the U. S. construction industry and remote microgrids (nearly $2 Billion combined potential). Other applications include water pumping, telecom/cell tower, disaster relief, mining/oil and gas man-camps, developing world village power, and military/defense.  After years of prototype development, testing, and customer discovery, DSS is currently finalizing production-ready product for early-customer shipments utilizing Michigan supply chain partners.

Endectra, LLC

Endectra LLC is commercializing a revolutionary “Cherenkov BoroSilicate Glass” (CBSG) material innovation which enables highly sensitive, rugged, low power, and directional detection of neutron radiation. This is a key element in U.S. national security, multinational anti-terrorism activities, and global prevention of nuclear isotope proliferation because neutrons emitted from “Special Nuclear Materials” are very difficult to shield. They are also very difficult to detect and distinguish from other types of radiation, and the approaches for doing so have been very expensive, constrained by shortages of exotic materials, or unable to scale as needed—until now.

Endectra CBSG detector technology is low cost and highly scalable, can spectrally resolve the energy distribution of even “fast” neutrons, and will eventually enable entirely new microdetector form factors ranging from portal monitor tube replacements to next-generation “Internet of Things” radiation sensor network topologies. In addition to enhancing the capability of today’s handheld and backpack radioisotope identification devices, CBSG technology can scale to support portal monitoring at borders and seaports, is robust enough for down-hole oil and gas exploration, compact and accurate enough for personnel dosimetry (nuclear power, medical, research), and sufficiently low power to enable distributed sensor networks for seaports, airports, cities, and the battlefield.

FlexDex Surgical

FlexDex provides surgeons with hand held and low cost mechanical instruments that perform like a million dollar surgical robot.  This scalable technology is simple to manufacture and easy to use by every surgeon in any country at any time. The FlexDex “Virtual Center™” was developed at the University of Michigan by Shorya Awtar, Sc.D. This elegant mechanical design precisely translates the surgeon’s hand/wrist movements to the articulating instrument tip. FlexDex holds an exclusive license to commercialize the technology worldwide. U.S., Japan and Australia have issued patents while numerous additional patent applications are pending.

FlexDex’s platform technology can be applied to every surgical instrument. Worldwide, this market exceeds $30 billion. Our initial target market in laparoscopic surgery is over $3 billion globally. The Infinity Needle Driver™ is our first instrument.  Designated a Class 1 laparoscopic device by the FDA, we begin sales in Q2 of 2016.  A full suite of instruments will launch in 2017. FlexDex has been financed with NSF SBIR grants and grants from the U of M and State of Michigan.  A private equity financing of $2.3 million closed December 2014 with a second round financing of $5+million planned.


Born out of a deep frustration with scrubbing our dirty reusable drinking bottles, Flipsi makes bottles that flip inside-out for easy cleaning. Flipsi’s bottle design is patent pending. Simple and intuitive, it allows anyone to flip the bottle inside-out, eliminating all hard to reach/clean interior surfaces. Construction is achieved using only BPA-free, FDA approved food-grade silicone and plastic.

Flipsi’s major functions are designing, marketing and selling its bottles. Manufacturing is contracted out to established injection molders while distribution is handled through a third party. Initial sales channels include direct through Flipsi’s website, Amazon, Zulily, and boutique retailers. Flipsi, Ltd. is a pre-revenue company. It has finalized the design of its first product, the “flipsibaby” baby bottle, and is currently performing molding trials on its mass production tooling. Flipsi is excited to enter the $590M US baby bottle market in late 2015.


Floyd was born from the idea of creating frameworks for people to make their own furniture. We are inspired by the evolving idea of home, the spaces we inhabit and how this relates to the objects in our lives. Our furniture is simple to ship and uncomplicated for people to transport and adapt. Floyd is about people, who bring soul to our products—each with a unique point of view, style, and preference. Our products are designed around the parameters of simple shipping, ease of assembly, and ability to adapt to smaller living spaces. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, introducing our pilot piece “The Floyd Leg,” which provides a framework to create a table from any flat surface. We have since shipped to over 30 countries and have been featured in the New York Times, Dwell, and GQ magazine.

Functional Fluidics 

Functional Fluidics is commercializing a suite of simulated blood function diagnostic tests based on a microfluidic platform.  Blood function encompasses the activities of blood cells and plasma that facilitate the normal flow of blood. These activities include clotting, bleeding, cell adhesion, immune response, and inflammation. Using a microfluidic platform allows these activities to be measured under simulated blood flow, with minimal blood processing, using a fraction of the blood volume required by traditional assays, at a fraction of the cost.

The problem: There is a critical need for standardized blood function tests that can serve as platforms for drug development and clinical diagnostics. The key innovation in our assay is the incorporation of a simulated blood flow environment into a standardized clinical blood function assay.  We coat the microfluidic channels with clinically relevant substrates that mimic the blood vessel surface, and then measure blood cell adhesion and thrombosis in real-time using specialized software. This information is used to predict an individual’s baseline risk of a blood flow abnormality, select a patient-specific therapy by screening individual patient samples against multiple candidate therapies, and monitor how a patient responds to a specific therapy to facilitate dose adjustments.


GAPro System addresses the $36 billion the insurance industry spends issuing, amending, and responding to issues related to Certificates of Insurance.  Despite this large effort and expense, the actual status of a Certificate is static, unverifiable and subject to fraud. Studies confirm that half of all Certificates are in error, with many Certificates having lapsed, resulting in confusion, significant liability exposure, and expensive legal action.  By providing a software platform packaged as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), GAPro System targets the $6.9 billion the industry currently spends to manually generate and communicate Certificate information.

GAPro will provide a single, real-time, verified source of insurance information to insurance companies, agencies, insureds, and 3rd parties.  By replacing current costly manual processes, unverified forms, and disjoint information sources under a single GAPro System umbrella, the Industry estimates that 75% of today’s compliance and administrative effort can be saved.  Additional funding will allow GAPro to take advantage of their systems development partnership, knowledge of the insurance industry, access to industry data providers, and broad industry marketing relationships to accelerate bringing the GAPro System to market.


Genome sequencing is revolutionizing the way genetic diagnoses and discoveries are made in laboratories throughout the world but the amount and complexity of this data requires many hours of expensive, error-prone manual review per sample to reach accurate conclusions. This bottleneck results in diagnoses delayed by days and discoveries delayed by months and significantly limits the potential of this technology. GENOMENON has developed software tools that alleviate this bottleneck by automating decision-support and producing a graphical display of prioritized data emphasizing clinical contexts thereby providing faster and more accurate genome sequence interpretation. We offer three software-as-a-service products – MASTERMIND provides faster access to high-yield information from medical literature (license); SAVANT for identifying disease-causing mutations in clinical settings (license/per sample); and PRODIGY for discovery in large-scale academic/commercial projects (per sample).

Altogether, genome interpretation is a $3.6B market with growth driven by software analytics. In this market, our projected revenue is $50M by 2018. We have recently closed a series-seed round of funding and have multiple paying customers. We are pathologists and geneticists with decades of experience running laboratories that interpret genomes and are convinced of the significant commercial potential of GENOMENON software and our team’s ability to realize it.

HT Mobile Apps

HT Mobile Apps is a maker of apps for banks and credit unions, including two apps designed to teach financial concepts to kids called Banker Jr. and Member Jr., which the company licenses to banks and credit unions, respectively. They currently have financial institution customers in 9 states ranging from $80 million to $9+ billion in asset size.

Founder Kathleen Craig, who has incubator space in Ann Arbor Spark and an office in Dexter, employs six now and is hoping to have 10 by year’s end. HT Mobile was founded in 2013. Craig is raising a funding round of $750,000, which includes $50,000 from the First Step Fund.


Through years of research and field-testing, HyGenesis has created a unique system designed to significantly reduce community acquired infections in healthcare, schools and corporate institutions by reducing bio-burden by more than 80% over extended periods of time. Validation testing at the University of Michigan, funded by the MEDC, is underway. The HyGenesis proprietary formulations lower the cost of the cleaning and disinfection function for any size facility by as much as 30%. The technology built into the HyGenesis System protects against the most serious and persistent “super bugs” including MRSA, VRE, viruses and flu. Healthcare Acquired Infections account for more than a $38 billion problem for the healthcare industry.

The HyGenesis System: 1) Hand Armor – Provides hours of protection with just one application. Alcohol free. (FDA Registered) 2) Surface Armor – Cleans, disinfects, and protects all in one application step.3) Textile Armor – Applied in the rinse cycle of the laundry process, provides long-term bacterial protection for all institutional fabrics.  4) Testing and Reporting – Application areas are monitored and formal reports are generated to demonstrate and assure maximum protection. The HyGenesis System is designed to work better and cost less than the current cleaning and disinfecting protocols in any facility.


Inmatech is an alternative energy storage company focused on the commercialization of supercapacitors (high power energy devices) for superior power management and improved energy efficiency. Inmatech is developing low cost, high performance supercapacitors through advanced electro-chemical nano-structured materials and patented asymmetric cell designs.   The company’s focus is on producing these materials that can be demonstrated in multiple battery cell formats, engineered into modules and packs for transportation, consumer and stationary grid products.

Supercapacitors assist batteries to become more efficient, increasing cycle life and lowering the cost of the storage system. To bring these next generation supercapacitors to market, Inmatech is executing an aggressive technology development plan to scale their proprietary material development process and facilitate the development of multiple cell formats for large and small power consuming markets. Inmatech’s critical path is to launch two commercially optimized supercapacitor cells that are accepted in the energy storage market and are prequalified building blocks for energy storage systems.  Customers will be battery manufacturers, consumer product developers, automobile and vehicle integrators who can incorporate this technology into their energy storage systems. The markets Inmatech are targeting include light electric vehicles, military, appliance makers and grid energy storage systems.


Inventev – In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy people died without power.  Idling diesel engines for multiple hours at job sites is noisy, dirty, and wasteful.  Inventev’s Energy SWAT Truck is a key part of the solution intersecting the Clean Tech Energy and Transportation sectors. Inventev will sell a commercial truck up-fit to generate power for grid resiliency while also functioning as a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) and creating an idle-free jobsite.  Through a patent-pending drive system, the company uses the same devices that electrically propel the vehicle to generate power and offer electrically-driven accessories for job sites. Until now, customers needing mobile utility-grade backup power purchase expensive and underutilized generators.  Alternately, they attempt to rent capability often during periods when supply is insufficient (e.g., after hurricane Sandy). Inventev’s capital efficient integration offers three categories of value proposition:  Generate Electric, Work Electric, Drive Electric.

Inventev is led by successful automotive industry veterans with very broad experience.  The U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E has recognized the significance of Inventev’s technology with a grant award involving several other partners including Kettering University.  Based at Detroit’s TechTown, Inventev won the Transportation category of the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition in 2014.


IonTox is a Kalamazoo based Life Sciences company offering innovative in vitro toxicology products and services to predict human adverse effects from chemical exposure. After only 18 months, IonTox generated over $650,000 in revenue. In early 2016, IonTox will launch its Human-on-a Plate, an innovative cell culture plate designed to hold and grow major human organs including the heart, brain, lung, intestine, liver, and kidney.  Simulated blood is pumped through the organ compartments via an integrated fluidics system mimicking blood circulation while maintaining discreet culture conditions for each organ type. A unique dialysis system in each organ compartment allows for transfer of drugs and small molecules without a complete mixing for culture medium. Full kinetic data can be obtained on the biochemical changes that occur as a chemical moves between organs. The biochemical and kinetic data is then scaled to human physiology using IonTox’s pharmacokinetic model to more effectively predict effects on a human. IonTox also developed a specialized chamber to fit over the plate’s lung compartment providing a means of exposing lung tissue to vapors and aerosols. IonTox’s fourth product is an EFT Kit used in the field to detect and measure levels of estrogenic chemicals in effluent waters.

Jolt Energy Storage Technologies

Jolt Energy Storage Technologies, LLC develops and manufactures electrochemical compounds for use in energy storage devices like lithium Ion batteries. These additives, based on patent pending technology exclusively licensed through Michigan State University (MSU), are designed to enhance performance and improve safety while reducing overall costs.  Current lithium battery packs incorporate sophisticated and expensive battery management systems; our unique approach uses specifically tailored chemistry to increase battery capacity, prevent dangerous overcharging, and greatly simplify the electronic controls.

Jolt was founded in 2014 by Dr. Tom Guarr and Mr. Jack Johnson as a result of their shared passion for technology and practical solutions. Importantly, the founders bring synergistic backgrounds and proven capabilities from extensive experience in technology and advanced manufacturing.  Jolt’s business model is to provide fully tested chemical technology and to sell its chemistry by the gram to battery and electrolyte manufacturers. Our current projections show an overall market potential of almost $2 Billion in annual sales.  Jolt’s business case also benefits from a very modest investment in capital equipment by leveraging the chemical manufacturing assets already in place at the facility formerly owned by Pfizer and now operated by MSU in Holland MI.


Kalyspo is a University of Michigan biotechnology spin-off that provides a complete solution to the clinical problem of Retained Surgical Items (RSI). RSI are objects left inside a patient during surgery that cause significant morbidity and mortality. They are estimated to cost approximately $450,000 in combined medical and legal costs per incident. Each year there is a minimum of 3,000 incidents that sum up to more than a billion in preventable medical expenses. Stryker and Medtronic have each purchased a company in the RSI field with less than 4% market share for > $200 million each.

The current approach to prevent RSI, the surgical count and an x-ray, is flawed, because the count is correct in up to 90% of cases when a RSI are later discovered and x-rays only discover 52-58% of RSI. Kalyspo addresses these problems through a microTag and a Computer Aided Detection software that identify more than 99% of RSI. Kalyspo has undertaken extensive clinical validation of the technology with nearly 3,000 cadaveric images, has devised a way to deploy the technology cost- and time- effectively in the OR, holds the exclusive option to license and is in the process of vetting manufacturing and distribution partners.


KTISIS is an innovative technology company with primary focus on bringing practical innovative ideas to market such that the world will be a safer, more comfortable, efficient, sustainable, and vibrant place for everyone. KTISIS provides creative real-world business, technical, manufacturing, and commercialization solutions to the transportation, professional motorsports, energy, advanced composites, industrial, military, and powersport industries.  From business model inception to innovative engineering design to product development and commercialization, their team of industry experts have proven success in organization building, OEM products development, international motorsports competitions, innovative technology development and competitions, and government contracting.

Some of the core capabilities of KTISIS are powertrain design and optimization, vehicle and structural design and optimization, advanced composites design and manufacturing, additive manufacturing, energy management, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, fatigue and durability analysis, and product life cycle management. Their latest innovative technologies development includes the Universal Natural Gas Technology, Automated Fiber Placement Composites Manufacturing Technology, Energy Harvesting, and Bio-based Impact & Energy Absorption Technology.


Far too often Muslims are seen as a problem in the world; with LaunchGood we are committed to turning them into the greatest source of solutions. In fact, there are already many Muslims doing great work across the world, from Detroit to Delhi, but it’s not enough and the support they’re getting is minimal. How? To start, with crowdfunding. LaunchGood is the world’s largest faith-based crowdfunding platform, and has developed the technology and ecosystem to support those Muslim change-makers, enabling access to money, publicity, fans & inspiration.

Since launching in October 2013, LaunchGood has helped over 370 projects in 31 countries collectively raise nearly $4 million. In the process, Muslims on LaunchGood have made headlines for their positive contributions to society from the New Yorker to CNN, Aljazeera, and more. Of LaunchGood’s 20,000 plus users, over half have joined in just the last 4 months, and around 30% are regular donors. With an average project success rate of 54%, LaunchGood surpasses mainstream crowdfunding platforms like IndieGoGo (9%), GoFundMe, (5%) and Kickstarter (40%).


LawnGuru provides on demand Lawn Care and Snow Removal services, ordered through

“Uberlike” mobile applications. With the click of a button, LawnGuru instantly connects consumers with the best local outdoor service providers to take care of their lawn and snow removal needs within hours of each request. Consumers are delighted by the platforms simplicity, convenience and price. Service providers are amazed with the increased revenue, speed of payment and ease of acquiring new nearby business.

LawnGuru is capitalizing on the archaic and highly fragmented $72B lawn care and $48B snowplow industries by introducing simple on demand technology that solves previously unsolvable pain points for countless consumers and the more than 400K service providers working in the U.S. LawnGuru is led by a highly experienced management team, with more than twenty years of combined outdoor service industry knowledge and 15 years of building successful online marketplace businesses.

Levanto Financial

Levanto Financial is a next-generation personal financial planner for sophisticated consumers. Our household CFO service (web + mobile) helps clients save money ($12K/yr), save time (15hrs/mo), and save relationships (money problems are a leading cause of divorce).

Our software solution is scalable, automated, and targets a large unserved market (13.8M mass affluent households with $100K-$500K in income, TAM of $12.5B/yr). We’re adding new customers every week who pay $100-$200/mo for a solution that combines tech with a trusted personal relationship. We’re growing 15% monthly before deploying new capital, adding $50K in ARR in the past 2 months.

We have a distribution deal with Mint.com and are launching partnerships with Bankrate and Quicken later this year. We are unit profitable (70% margin), have product-market fit, and we’re backed by the best: Mark Goines (Intuit, Charles Schwab, Mint, Check), Aaron Patzer (founder Mint.com), and 4 VC funds that invested in Mint ($170M), Check ($360M), Personal Capital, Bill.com, MX, Better Finance, WePay, BillFloat, AngelList, and Pandora.  Our leadership team has expertise in software technology + finance, having worked at eBay, KPMG, Ariba, and Yahoo.

Life Boost 

Life Boost, LLC is the creator of Tespo, a health and wellness technology company based in Northville, MI.  Tespo designs, manufactures and distributes high-quality nutritional supplements to be used in its patent pending, in-home Tespo dispenser.  Tespo enables consumers to avoid pills, tablets and gummy products by providing only high-quality active form ingredients in an easy to use Tespo disc.  The Tespo dispenser is able to identify specific Tespo disc products and automatically adjust water levels and mixing times to produce a fresh brewed, ready to drink supplement serving.

The Tespo system enables consumers to receive the active ingredients of a nutritional supplement without the fillers, binding agents, sugars, artificial colors and flavors, and other unnecessary ingredients typically found in pills, tablets and gummies. Tespo products are delivered directly to the consumer’s home in fully recyclable packaging and include a return ship label for empty Tespo discs. Tespo is preparing to launch this fall with five premium products, including Men’s Essential multi-vitamin, Women’s Essential multi-vitamin, Children’s Essential multi-vitamin, Tespo Energy and Tespo Focus. The Tespo team has created an innovative system that will disrupt an industry that has remained relatively unchanged in its delivery systems for more than 75 years.

Life Magnetics

Life Magnetics, Inc. provides magnetic separation and sensing products for medical diagnostics.  The company has patented separation beads made of a unique material, metallic glass, which has 100x higher magnetic susceptibility than competitors. The record setting magnetic susceptibility of our separation beads means that a single label can be used to both separate and detect biomolecules, saving time and eliminating the need for subsequent amplification steps such as PCR. Magnetic sensing of biomolecules is a rapidly growing field because magnetic fields are transparent to biological samples. Therefore, common complications such as concentration, pH, and the optical density of the media are no longer a concern.

Life Magnetics, Inc. is beta testing in two devices with a third slated to start in December. In addition to magnetic detection products, our initial offerings will also include separation beads which can distinguish between phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated proteins and thereby significantly reducing testing time and cost at mass spectrometry facilities. The company plans to offer a range of magnetic separation and magnetic sensing products to address gaps in the biological separations and molecular diagnostics markets.

Lighthouse Molding

Lighthouse Molding, Inc. (LMI) is an advanced manufacturing company that markets an electronic assembly protection solution using low pressure overmolding (LPO) technology. LMI sells LPO machinery and material and also provides contract manufacturing. Electronics protective technologies are a $2.2 billion business worldwide, growing +4.5% annually.  There are two primary legacy technologies, potting and conformal coating. LPO offers significant advantages over legacy protection technologies in four areas; protection, cost, weight and manufacturing efficiency.

LMI overmolds electronic assemblies using an organic polyamide resin. LPO eliminates housings and fasteners, which reduces both weight and cost. The result is an encapsulated assembly, which can have shut offs for connectors, LEDs LCDs and tact switches. With the legacy protection methods, the manufacturing process is more complicated. LMI has complimentarily developed leading edge LPO machinery and proprietary formulated LPO materials. LMI’s Sureshot™ technology outperforms all competitors’ LPO technology. LMI offers a wider variety of material performance characteristics than competitors. Lighthouse Molding, Inc. has evolved its strategy of providing an integrated one-stop technology solution because customers are transitioning to a new technology and they want one source to solve any issues that arise. We have gained customers from machine only and material only competitors because of this strategy.

LogiCoul Solutions

LogiCoul Solutions has a patented process called Interfacial Process Stimulation TM (IPS) to lower internal battery resistance, increasing battery runtime by 15% to 40%.  Our test data confirms the effect on Lead Acid, NiMH and Li-Ion chemistries.  IPS software resides external to the battery in existing electronic hardware and requires no physical change to the battery cells. It sends brief signals to the battery, exciting the electrolyte/electrodes interface to create more active sites for energy transfer.  Key user benefits are longer usable time per charge, more rapid charge times and the ability to shorten development time, speeding time to market by 2-3 years. The 2020 rechargeable battery market is forecast at $72 billion.  The largest segment is Lead Acid at roughly 65% share.  LogiCoul targets lead acid batteries for military, automotive (especially start/stop) and industrial applications.  Opportunities in other battery chemistries are not in the current business plan and are upsides.

LogiCoul forecasts 2020 $16 million annual license revenue, with EBITDA of $11 million. LogiCoul’s expansion will ramp up to over 30 professionals in SE Michigan. LogiCoul seeks $750,000 seed round funds by end of 2015, followed by an additional $1.50 million over the next 2 years to complete financing.

Magnesium Development Co. 

MDC is revolutionizing orthopedic devices through an exclusive and proprietary metallic material providing optimal characteristics not found in existing devices: high strength, controlled absorption, while promoting regrowth of host tissue. Orthopedic surgeons experience high complication rates with existing fixation devices due to weak properties of existing bioabsorbable materials. Surgeons have a thorough understanding of these recognized problems, yet continue to work with complications due to having no satisfactory alternative. Magnesium, a metal that absorbs naturally and safely in the body is a previously unheard of technology offering properties that fit the sweet spot of many orthopedic applications. The technology is safe, its unique featuring being it only contains elements found in your daily multivitamin, absorbing at rates less that the recommended daily allowance.

MDC has secured worldwide exclusive rights in the highest growth markets to the material technology, with 2 patents pending. MDC’s management team has particular experience and expertise for development of products in specific markets and technology necessary for successful introduction, having introduced 100’s of similar devices. Together with well-known surgeon advisors, MDC expects to take advantage of being first to market with an exclusive magnesium alloy, supported by data providing a unique competitive advantage.


Established in 2014 inside the heart of Detroit, MakerOS is the new standard for front and backend business management to 3D printing services, contract manufacturers, and engineering/design firms. MakerOS is a system to manage everything from projects, customers, inventory, 3D file management, machine control, billing, and more, with no start-up costs. It’s part customer relationship management, part enterprise resource management, and part project management. It’s the perfect solution to manage your existing 3D printing/advanced manufacturing service or start a new one from scratch.

Melius QIE 

Melius QIE redefines clinical intelligence for hospital systems. Melius QIE offers a suite of software and services designed to identify, guide, and focus clinical quality improvement programs for better patient outcomes and reduced costs. This solution consists of Clinical Intelligence Platform – High quality analytics, benchmarking, and performance monitoring; Clinical Quality Analytics – A set of rigorous clinical quality metrics to profile practices, outcomes, effectiveness, and pertinent ROI detail and Quality, Implementation, and Evaluation (QIE)© – Consulting, education and training services employing a proven implementation methodology targeting front line clinical staff (Talsma, 2014).

The Melius QIE integrated solution provides a critical differentiation in the marketplace by providing the QIE© Model of Quality Data Analytics, Implementation, and Evaluation with its key elements: Policy, Preparedness, Provider Competence, and Performance and Accountability to improve a unique set of clinical practice measures derived from real-world clinical practices captured in electronic health records. The QIE methodology has demonstrated significant enhancements in patient care and achieved cost savings of $100,300 per hospital due to avoided complications, infections, and sepsis. Hospitals saved $109,000 due to reductions in operating room (OR) staff time. The Melius QIE solution defines and delivers a new standard of practice measurement for sustainable quality and performance improvement.


MenuTest simulates software for workforce training. More than ever, jobs require software, but prep for these jobs is stuck in the past.  People take an online course filled with reading and watching videos, or they train on-the-job, with lots of mistakes and bad service. By simulating software, MenuTest lets companies train their staff through active repetition and feedback, instead of passive reading and watching. Trainees work on a simulated copy of the software they’ll use on the job, so their training doesn’t interfere with live business operations, data, or transactions. The controlled environment also allows companies to create scenarios and score the trainees. The result is the fastest, most effective training in existence for jobs that use software, including retail, restaurants, manufacturing, banks, call centers, and hospitals.

The potential to train people remotely on software systems also opens the doors for outsourcing and decentralizing jobs.  Because their actual systems can’t be compromised, companies can allow a broader pool of trainees, and even job applicants not yet employed, to prove their skills before getting access to real work. All of these features drive down the cost of recruiting, training, wages, and turnover.

Micro-LAM Technologies 

Micro-LAM Technologies offers cutting edge technology through its state of the art retrofitable system that aims to be a game changer in the manufacturing industry. The hybrid laser-diamond cutting tool system provides profitable solutions for machining hard and brittle materials.

Product Description: The innovative μ-LAM system is the only one of its kind that has been proven through extensive research and testing. The quick and simple bolt-on system delivers ultra-precision machining capabilities for advanced engineered ceramics, semiconductors, glass, metals and more, leading to greater efficiency and improved profitability. The technology improves productivity and quality, while minimizing waste and tooling costs for industries such as optics, aerospace, defense and armor,  semiconductor, automotive and more.


MyFab5 is a platform that solves the problems consumers and restaurants face when looking to find and interact with each other online. MyFab5 provides consumers with a free mobile app that reinvents the restaurant review to make it efficient and enjoyable to find and recommend the best restaurants in any American city. In our app people only talk about their favorite restaurants and do so by ranking them in any food related category (e.g. my top 3 places for pizza in Detroit). Users also attach food photos for each place they rank. Over 300k food enthusiasts turn to MyFab5 every single month to find and recommend the best restaurants. Our registered users have shared over 1.25M restaurant rankings and photos.

Soon restaurants will be able to use MyFab5, for a monthly fee, to streamline their online marketing. They can use our platform to plan, create and distribute information to their fans that follow them on MyFab5, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our technology is like “TurboTax for Restaurant Marketing”; our platform’s artificial intelligence knows what content a restaurant should create based on its goals, can help the restaurant create content and distribute that content to the various social networks.


nanoRETE is a Michigan-based start-up that has developed a superior diagnostic tool for the detection of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is not only a “third-world” problem – it affects people all over the globe, without discrimination or boundary. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than one-third of the global population is infected with tuberculosis (TB), yet the overwhelming majority of infected persons have no signs or symptoms of TB. In 2014, 9 million people progressed from TB exposure, through latent infection to active TB disease. 1.5 million people died. Therefore, it is vitally important to correctly detect and preventatively treat TB infection as a first line defense against TB epidemic.

nanoRETE, in cooperation with and funding from the Department of Defense, has created a proprietary lateral flow assay which indicates the presence of TB infection. Initial clinical trial results have demonstrated comparable sensitivity and selectivity against the market standard in just one-fifth of the time, at 50% of the cost. Completing commercialization will deliver to the expanding $1B TB infection screening market a definitive diagnostic tool to be used for management of public health.

Neuvokas Corp.

Neuvokas has developed a high-speed process to manufacture Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) rebar. This process is ~12x faster than state-of-art competitors. Producing this non-corrosive fiber based rebar at price parity with steel opens the $140B global rebar market to BFRP. Neuvokas reached revenues in July 2015 and has shipped product to Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin and California.

GatorBarTM, the Neuvokas brand BFRP rebar product, is the company’s first product and is currently sold directly to contractors. More traditional indirect distribution channels will be added in the near future. The Company currently offers 3/8” dia. x 20’ BFRP rebar, as a direct replacement for ½” steel rebar in slab-on-grade applications.  The entry market is private parking lots in Houston, Texas. Higher engineered projects and other high activity geographies will be targeted following initial market acceptance. Neuvokas’ process combines basalt fiber and resin at a high rate of speed (80 ft./min.). The Company has three patents pending. To date, Neuvokas has raised over $3.9M in private equity, loans and grants.  Neuvokas is currently seeking $1M to fill-out a $2M round. These funds will be used principally to (i) leverage SBIR grants and (ii) expand marketing and sales.


Onu is making 3D product visualization available to the enterprise. Onu One is our patent-pending platform that allows users to create their own 3D presentations using existing digital assets, which can then be viewed via mobile or web. Use the Onu One web portal to upload CAD models, videos, images, PDF files and web links to create product visualizations. These can then be presented using our mobile app, which runs on most Apple and Android tablets and phones. They can also be embedded on a website to provide consumers, sales people, technicians or service professionals a far more informed experience and will help to differentiate companies and products from competitors.

The Onu One application will be utilized across a broad spectrum of industries, including any company that designs, manufactures, sells or services consumer goods. Whether used for B2B or B2C sales, trade show marketing, websites, training or product service, Onu One will help businesses gain a number of competitive advantages, including; process efficiencies, product differentiation, increased sales and reduced service and re-order costs.


OrthoForge is a C-Corp that was formed to increase healing rates in patients while providing tools to enable clinicians to put a quantitative measurement towards the patients individual healing patterns. OrthoForge’s TruBONE device is a bone restoration system that autonomously adapts to each patient’s specific healing state.  In real-time, OrthoForge measures and characterizes the in vivo effects of continuous bone reconstruction. This is done by using pulsed ultrasound stimulation and natural healing mechanisms to generate new bone. TruBONE’s proprietary adaptive algorithm then maps the biology and physiology that provides personalized treatment for orthopedic injuries, which by analogy is “cruise control” for bone healing.  Successful commercialization will deliver to the global orthopedic market a quantitative diagnostic tool providing immediate personalized results without the need for multiple x-rays and qualitative palpitations. In turn, this reduces the time a patient is in a fixation device, decreases medical insurance costs, and increase the knowledge and data that the clinician has to make professional decisions.


Passage is a platform that powers ticketing and payments both online and at-the-door for specialty events. Passage caters to niche event verticals with category-specific branding and features, creating the the top-of-mind brand in each. One example is HauntPay, Passage’s ticketing and payment solution for the haunted attraction vertical. In 2014, HauntPay powered over $1.5M in transactions for Passage, and generated $100,000 in revenue during the 6-week haunted house season. Passage is the only ticketing and payments system creating brands, features, and functionality unique to each specialty event vertical. By combining this “made for me” branding with the fastest payments in the industry and an all-in-one platform (handling all ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at-the-door), Passage is uniquely positioned to capture a significant share of the $7.5B/yr in speciality event sales.

After launching three additional event verticals in 2015, Passage is on pace for 5x growth over 2014 totals. With a cash-infusion, Passage can use a proven go-to-market strategy to build out sales & marketing into these and more event verticals, including everything from beer festivals, to renaissance fairs, to video game conventions. Passage is a Delaware C-Corp, and proud to be headquartered in Detroit.


PawnGuru is revolutionizing the $10+ billion pawn shop industry. PawnGuru allows for a seamless marketplace between customers looking to sell, pawn or buy used items locally, and the 12,000+ shops around the country. We are empowering everyday Americans by finding them the shop with the most competitive offer and rates. (We’ve been called the Travelocity/Orbitz of pawn shops.)

How It Works

Instead of traveling to one pawn shop and getting one cash offer for an item, consumers come to our site (or app) and submit information about any valuables they wish to sell, pawn or buy quickly. These requests are then sent out to all shops in their area and the shops bid competitively for the customer’s business. Using PawnGuru.com, the consumer can get multiple offers before they leave their home, and can get cash or item same-day from the shop with the best offer.


PHASIQ is a clinical research tool company commercializing highly accurate protein test kits using proprietary platform technology. Our products provide clinical and bio-industrial/pharma researchers with unprecedented measurement accuracy for single and multiple biomarkers.  The Problem: Over the past 40 years, researchers and scientists have used enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to measure the presence and amounts of protein biomarkers. Yet, ELISA has limitations in its ability to test more than one protein at a time accurately. The need to test multiple proteins at once I s at the core of personalizing medicine, for profiling protein biomarkers is the way to properly diagnose and select patients for drug testing in clinical trials.  The Solution: PHASIQ’s technology enables scientists to measure protein levels in a multiplex, cost effective and cross-reaction free manner, thereby accelerating protein diagnostics and therapeutics development.

Our market advantages include new protein combination tests, highly accurate measurements, fast and low cost development platform and a familiar workflow.  We’re currently at the pre-seed stage, moving to seed – expect our first customer revenue in Q4 2015 and our commercial launch in Q1 2016.  To date, we’ve received $1.3M in grants and are raising $170K in 2015 to match a $125K grant.  Our plan is to start raising $1 million in February 2016


PicoSpray is developing a low-cost electronic fuel injection (EFI) system for small engines. By making EFI much more affordable and simpler to integrate, our vision is to proliferate EFI on the 70M+ small engines produced every year and ultimately make them more fuel efficient and drastically reduce pollution. Our patent pending solution can achieve the same benefits and reliability as competitors’ units that cost twice as much. We raised a $1.1M series A funding earlier this year which included participation from our first customer. We have signed a licensing agreement and are currently commercializing the technology with the customer in the United States. We have just begun efforts to apply the technology for other markets around the world.


QTEK is a technology development and solution provider company focused on developing novel and cost effective sanitary additive technologies, and promoting the technologies into full scale operation. QTEK LLC was founded in 2009 as a Michigan-based Limited Liability Company by Dr. Bowen Li and two other partners.

The QTEK team offers Surfion, a durable, safe, and effective antimicrobial additive that could be applied to virtually any surface to prevent bacteria and fungi growth. Surfion utilizes a natural mineral as the carrier of ionic copper. The mineral host slowly delivers ionic copper to the surface through a diffusion mechanism in a low but effective concentration flow over a long period of time. Surfion is built into the end product, and will not wash off or wear away. Only one application of Surfion is needed to provide continuous self-decontamination protection over the lifetime of the product. QTEK LLC is dedicated to improving public health through the development of innovative antimicrobial solutions and advancement in mineral processing, evaluation, applications, and marketing.


RespondWell – Musculoskeletal rehabilitation is a care category that is wonderfully suited for leveraging telehealth technology as most physical therapy occurs away from the clinician’s office and at home. Unfortunately, adherence rates for prescribed rehabilitation are extremely low. RespondWell is a Telerehabilitation solution that puts a digital therapist in every patient living room. Working in partnership with providers, RespondWell delivers tools to prescribe, monitor and analyze patient therapy in the home with the shared objective of improved outcomes, lowered costs and improved patient satisfaction.

As the developers of the world’s first fitness game, RespondWell’s founders combined fitness game theory with the science of physical therapy. The result is an intelligent physical therapy and prevention platform that extends the eyes and ears of clinicians to engage patients at home. This model of self-care is changing the efficacy, safety and cost of care in a $26.6 billion-a-year industry. With a shipping product that is producing revenue today, the company is led by a seasoned management team of tech entrepreneurs and healthcare industry veterans. RespondWell is located in Grand Rapids and is backed by a growing set of Michigan investors. These factors have contributed to rapid expansion of the company’s product, partnerships, and sales pipeline.


RightThereWare has patented the first new method of navigation in a generation. It produces optimal ride-sharing, dispatching, navigation, routing, ETA, vehicle staging, and traffic management algorithms, unifies them at a fundamental level, is predictive, and “learns” (improves performance over time). Routes can be optimized for speed, fuel economy, cost, safety or other user-selected criteria. It can improve the profits and productivity of fleets by thousands of dollars per vehicle per year, and can save anyone time and money. The leadership team includes multiple members with executive-level experience in the vehicle-for-hire, automotive, and related industries.


Saras is an Ann Arbor Company, which has been working to improve the performance of concentrating solar power (CSP) receivers since 2012. It has developed a high performance solar absorptive receiver coating that enables operating temperatures above the current CSP operational limit of 400 C. Operating at higher temperatures increases power cycle efficiency and lowers the cost of CSP electricity. The Saras coating has the potential to improve the economics of CSP to the point where it gains a considerable competitive edge in the generation of electricity. Dr. Suresh Mani is the Founder and President of Saras. Suresh has a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering and has led Product Development of printing inks and coatings. He has also led product and process development in the energy storage and renewables space.

The Co-founder and CMO is Ms. Shanti Suresh. Shanti is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience in leadership roles at the University of Michigan.


78% cost reduction and eliminate hazardous waste? The United States Air Force proved laser stripping of aircraft parts is 16 times faster than chemicals, reducing costs from $9M to $2M for one part at one base. SurClean is taking it one step further by controlling the removal by layer using SurClean’s patented Laser Process Control Sensor. SurClean’s equipment is very precise, safe, energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Aircraft, bridges, ships etc. require inspections and maintenance completed by surface stripping. SurClean’s primary competition is chemical, abrasive and plastic media blasting are costly, time consuming, present worker safety problems, generate large quantities of hazardous waste and damage composite materials. SurClean has significant intellectual property protecting the technology, providing separation from laser competitors.

Kuka Systems is a collaboration partner in the Aerospace Market. Together we are working to develop a new process for MRO Aviation. Michigan Department of Transportation validated SurClean’s use and work is now in process for a 2016 program. SurClean’s proprietary system represents the next generation of surface coating removal. SurClean’s mission is to be the dominant force in coating removal not just an alternative to conventional methods. SurClean closed $1M of the current $3M Series A round.

Tome, Inc. 

A passion for connecting hardware products to software applications led Jake Sigal and Massimo

Baldini to launch Tome, Inc. in April 2014. Founded in metro Detroit, the company develops connectivity products to keep people mobile and active, and creates value as a focused niche within the larger Internet of Things movement. Tome is a member of the StartUp Health accelerator, based in New York City. Sigal and Baldini sold their previous startup, Livio, to Ford Motor Co. in 2013.

Workit Health

Workit Health is a Michigan startup that provides private interactive assistance to those with risky drinking and drug use. We offer 24-hour access to a thirty day program that provides recovery support delivered through a mobile application. Every business starts with a simple question. For our Founders, that question was: Why are so many patients who are seen in medical care settings for conditions resulting from drug and alcohol use not being treated for their drug or alcohol use? That led us to a pressing challenge: What’s the easiest way to re-route an individual from a pattern of frequent substance use related emergency room and primary care visits, to years of thriving in a healthier lifestyle? What kind of experience would people want? And we built our flagship solution from there.

We have created a completely new channel for patients in medical care settings to receive drug and alcohol abuse recovery support. Workit Health guides individuals in all stages of change from high-risk substance use to a healthy thriving lifestyle. Our products meet patients where they are, and support their self-guided journey towards reduced use and sobriety. We reach patients through mobile applications and leverage tailored content and personalized interactions with recovery mentors.

Xoran Technologies 

Xoran’s vision is to improve patient care by delivering innovative CT imaging solutions for instant diagnosis at the patients’ point of care. We have committed ourselves to offering CT imaging that provides a convenient and simple solution for both patients and doctors. We are devoted to meet the needs of today’s physicians and aid them in providing an accurate diagnosis using our low radiation dose scanners.
Our core competencies are customer service, medical imaging, and information technologies. We leverage these competencies to produce high quality, safe, effective products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and comply with industry standards and regulations. Our products were designed to eliminate waste and inefficiency in healthcare.
Xoran Technologies, LLC was founded in 2001 by two research scientists from the University of Michigan with the goal of developing common sense, innovative technologies that enable physicians to treat their patients more efficiently and effectively. In the past ten years, we have installed more than 400 CT scanners domestically and internationally.