2014 Company Finalists & Award Winners



SurClean, Inc.



Akervall Technologies Inc.

FreeStride Therapeutics

Beet Analytics




2014 Company Semi Finalists

A2B Bikeshare

A2B Bikeshare fills the need for a healthier and more convenient form of short distance travel. This type of travel is too far to walk while being too close to effectively drive or take a bus, commonly known as the last mile problem. Bike sharing, a system of quick, automated bike rentals that allow users to ride from one station to another, solves this problem in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. This proposition has proven to be extremely popular around the world, as demonstrated by Citi Bike’s 7 million rides in its inaugural year. Due to the high capital and operational costs of traditional bike sharing systems, however, systems are not feasible without government subsidization.

A2B Bikeshare solves this problem with our patent pending technology, which dramatically reduces capital and operational expenses by over 50% and allows bike sharing to be much more flexible and scalable. This solution addresses a potential $1 billion market consisting of municipalities, universities and corporate campuses. A2B Bikeshare has launched a pilot of its technology in Lansing Michigan and has entered into a 100 bike contract with FairBikes, LLC worth ~$300k. The company is currently in the process of closing its pre-seed round as it gears up to execute on this expanding market


Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) has developed an alarm system for any oxygen source to monitor pressure, flow and oxygen concentration and to automatically switch to a backup system; they are more than just an alarm. AIRS systems also have the ability to transmit information such as alarm status and pressure/flow/concentration data via a variety of communication modes. These communication modes include texts, downloads, pagers, emails and other alerts. These alerts can be sent to the caregiver, and or other personnel. AIRS products are designed from the ground up to be user friendly and reliable with a focus on patient safety and well-being.

AIRS has alarm products covering the full array of oxygen delivery systems including tanks, home concentrators, and portable oxygen systems. AIRS has a strong management team and has identified over 4 million viable locations for the oxygen alarms in the US. AIRS technology is backed by a solid portfolio and utility patent which includes the use of other pressurized gases, liquids and flow able solids. The core utility patent was recently issued by the USPTO. A patent continuation was filed and additional patents will be filed relating to both oxygen alarm products, as well as future products.

Akervall Technologies Inc.

Akervall Technologies Inc. (ATI) invented, developed and manufactures ultra thin, comfortable low weight mouth guards – SISU™ — for sports, dentistry, military and hospitals with superior protection against dental injuries. ATI was founded in 2008 by Dr Jan Akervall, MD, PhD and Prof Johannes Schwank, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan. The SISU™ mouth guard is based on a non-compressible thermoplastic polymer that is 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards, despite being 60% thinner. Sisu™ dissipates impact forces away from underlying teeth, thus avoiding dental injuries. Thanks to a SBIR grant from DoD ATI developed its first products and under a current SBIR phase II grant from National Science Foundation ATI’s second generation mouth guard material is being developed. The new adaptive mouth guard is a composite polymer/nano-suspension, which can switch from soft and comfortable to firm and protective instantly under impact. ATI has a product line of 35 US made products that are FDA approved that has been sold through three sales channels: website, retail and distributors. Sales in 2013 was $900k and projections for 2014 is $1.3M based on Q1-2 of 2014. ATI has been profitable since 2011. A 15k sqf manufacturing, sales and research facility was purchased in 2014.


AlertWatch develops real-time patient monitoring dashboards to help hospitals improve clinical quality, provider workflow, and billing accuracy. The product does this by integrating hundreds of pieces of data onto a visual representation of each patient, clearly communicating problems in a way that existing medical record systems do not.

AlertWatch has been shown to provide significant clinical and financial benefits to its users, and with strong IP, a strong founding team, and strong sales and product pipelines, we are poised to help shepherd hospitals into this new era of accountable care.


AlSentis has developed a breakthrough in touch recognition technology, called AlSentis HSS, which uses electronic touch signatures to identify exactly when a touch happens. This technology eliminates the need for special gloves, overcomes temperature and noise issues that cripple other touch systems and unlocks new touch features.

First launching in the automotive market, AlSentis HSS touch technology is in rearview mirror applications in sports cars for a leading American automotive company. Having shipped over 300,000 parts without a defect/reject in a robust automotive-grade product, AlSentis HSS has proven its ability to perform in challenging environments. Recent breakthroughs in the technology allow for a new level of water performance and have been designed into door applications and industrial control systems. AlSentis HSS is the third fundamental touch technology developed by AlSentis founder Dave Caldwell. The previous two technologies are still in use in the market today. AlSentis has signed a distribution deal with Microchip Technology, under which Microchip will manufacture and distribute HSS chipsets directly to AlSentis customers. This allows AlSentis customers to order AlSentis parts from a very stable, multi-billion dollar silicon manufacturer. AlSentis has a deep patent portfolio and strong leadership team with experience in small and large businesses.


AMACS supplies environmental monitoring and control solutions for specialty applications. Its competitive advantage is derived from its patented nano technology to miniaturize smart sensor systems. Coupling this innovation with its patent-pending SoIP (Sensors over Internet Protocol) communication capability provides the compelling value proposition of cost savings with ease of use by automating what are currently manual processes for customers requiring real-time remote monitoring and control or merely monitoring. The first two market applications are monitoring and controlling conditions in livestock pens and monitoring conditions in landfills. AMACS is already generating revenue from a paid pilot program with an affiliated channel partner in its livestock target market and will launch a landfill pilot program later this year with a market leading landfill service company. The experienced team includes a mix of technically skilled and business savvy managers, several with entrepreneurial experience. Revenues are forecast to exceed $19 million in 2018 with potential exit via sale to companies such as Siemens, Sierra Wireless or Numerex all of whom have executed recent acquisitions in the space.

ArborWind, LLC

ArborWind is commercializing its patented and proven vertical axis wind turbine technology. Plan is to initially dominate small wind turbine market with ArborWind’s turbine that achieves lowest cost of energy production. ArborWind’s superior design developed by team of experienced automotive engineers and scientists is safe, durable, quiet, easy to manufacture, install and maintain. The customer benefits mainly with fixed energy production costs of 7 cents /kWh or less based on extensive three years of physical testing and computer simulations. ArborWind vertical axis wind turbines are omni-directional which results in over 20% improvement in wind energy conversion as compared to current wind turbines. Furthermore, blade design and manufacturing has been optimized to achieve well over 30 year life.

Eleven Beta customers are in process of purchasing the first product which is a 60 kW turbine (PT180). The customers calculated ROI ranges from 12% to 24% based on local utility rates. The PT180 is a stand-alone product which will supply long term grid quality electricity to the end customer. ArborWind customers will realize significant profit by utilizing its product, and not have to worry about constantly escalating utility and fossil fuel based energy costs. See website for video of turbine operation.

Beet Analytics Technology, LLC

BEET provides a revolutionary machine monitoring and diagnostics software for manufacturing professionals who want to reduce unplanned downtime and more consistently achieve production rates. Similar to an electrocardiogram (EKG) for humans, BEET’s ENVISION FactorySMART software is applied to production lines and displays a machine “heartbeat”, down to the elemental-level of the manufacturing process, allowing operators to immediately pinpoint and visualize where problems exist, quickly resolve issues and immediately validate the improvements often before a critical machine failure. Developed by automation engineers with combined experience of over 100-years, BEET differs from other machine diagnostic products because of its patented software-based data collection method which does not require additional sensors or automation equipment. BEET’s customers, major Automotive OEMs and Suppliers, have experienced impressive results within weeks of using ENVISION such as 10 to 15% throughput improvement, 2% OEE improvement and 75% reduction-in-time to solve problems and validate fixes. In 2012, BEET won Automation Alley’s Advanced Manufacturing Award. In 2013, BEET received a $250,000 investment from Ann Arbor SPARK. The company currently works with Fortune 500 companies in Automotive (including several US, European, Japanese and Korean OEMs), consumer electronics, and other industries with complex automated processes.

Biophotonic Solutions, Inc

Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI) is a Michigan State University spin-out venture founded by Professor Marcos Dantus in 2003 to commercialize a groundbreaking technology for automatically optimizing ultrafast (femtosecond) laser pulses. Femtosecond lasers are often used in advanced scientific applications, but also offer advantages for many commercial applications ranging from processing sapphire wafers for LEDs to ophthalmic uses such as LASIK. Historically, however, femtosecond lasers have been expensive and challenging to implement, typically demanding manual tweaking from a laser expert to fine-tune their output. BSI’s proprietary and award-winning technology, called “MIIPS,” provides automated measurement, compression and shaping of ultrafast laser pulses, automatically delivering optimized laser light to the target. Thanks to this new level of autonomous laser output consistency and ease of use, MIIPS technology is already facilitating femtosecond laser use in research laboratories around the globe. Now with sights set on expanding into the commercial world, BSI is collaborating with large manufacturing and laser companies to pursue next-generation ultrafast laser solutions that are tailored for already-commercialized applications, meeting performance, implementation and critical cost metrics for practical deployment. With the support of the commercial customers, BSI forecasts a significant growth in the coming decade.

Black Pine Engineering

Black Pine Engineering, from Michigan State University, is using the patented Woven Wheel technology to manufacture and sell turbomachines which are much lighter and cheaper to manufacture than any competing technology. Turbomachines (for example, turbines, compressors, and fans) use rotating blades to move fluids or generate electricity. They are used everywhere in industry. However traditional turbomachines are cast or forged out of metal and then carefully machined, which is an extremely expensive process. Our solution to the problems with turbomachinery is the Woven Wheel. This involves making turbomachinery blades out of a single carbon fiber strand woven around a mold, with integrated motor components. The Woven Wheel technology allows us to sell turbomachines at a price desirable to customers.

For our entry market, we are using this technology to solve the problem of wasted steam in geothermal power plants. All geothermal power plants currently use 10% of their valuable well steam to remove harmful gases, resulting in significant lost revenue. We are offering geothermal power plants a turbo-compressor which uses the Woven Wheel technology to mechanically remove all harmful gases without wasting well steam. This allows all of the well steam to be used for power generation, resulting in 8% more power and significant added revenue.

Brio Device, LLC

Brio Device, LLC is a medical device company and spin-out of the University of Michigan Medical Innovation Center. Brio develops airway management devices and instruments used for intubation, the procedure to insert endotracheal breathing tubes into patients’ windpipes. Intubation is conducted in emergency situations by paramedics, in traumas by emergency medical physicians, in the ICU by critical care physicians and in planned surgeries by anesthesiologists. Brio is entering a $20B airway management market with a $400MM intubation market. The Company was founded in 2011 by Hannah Hensel—MBA, Sabina Siddiqui—MD FACS, Douglas Mullen—PhD (nanotechnology) and Laura McCormick—PhD (biomedical engineering). Brio’s progress has been accelerated by the mentorship, services and facilities of the medical device incubator at MC3, Inc. in Ann Arbor, MI. Brio has received competitive grants and awards including a Small Business Investigational Research Grant from the National Institutes of Health. Brio’s first product to enter the market is in the final stages of design for manufacturing. Brio has a production and service agreement with a manufacturing partner that has proven excellence in manufacturing, distribution and regulatory compliance of medical devices. The combined resources allow for an efficient and experienced team to support Brio’s market launch.

Cribspot is an online housing marketplace that helps college students find and manage their off-campus homes. The site brings together thousands of rental listings on one simple, searchable map, eliminating the need to go from door to door or website to website. Once renters have found the perfect place, Cribspot RentPay enables them to schedule online payments and handle rent without ever having to write another check. For property managers, it provides greater visibility, a free source of leads, and an easy-to-integrate online payment system.

Cribspot isn’t a housing site that just happens to serve college towns; it’s been designed with students in mind at every step. Here they find resources like neighborhood guides, advice for first-time renters, and tips straight from the locals to add context to their search. And now roommates and parents can coordinate rent payments through a secure online platform. By automating their rent through RentPay, they’ll never get hit with a late fee again. Cribspot delivers the tools, information, and selection renters need—all in one spot.

Detroit Materials

Detroit Materials, Inc. (DM) is an Advanced Materials firm focused on the commercialization of ultrahigh performance materials. DM has a patented portfolio of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) structural steels and cast irons for demanding applications in the defense, off-highway, tooling, and transportation industries. Our advanced steels exhibit an excellent combination of strength, toughness, and hardness, and elongation currently only available in the form of highly alloyed and costly exotic steels. Our advanced materials provide cost and performance advantages over current high alloy materials. The combination of our unique material chemistry coupled with a series of specific post process provides a material with an average of 40% lower material cost and similar properties to exotic alloys. Additionally our materials exhibit a unique behavior compared to other ultrahigh performance metals, impact resistance (ability to absorb energy) increases with material strength.

The DM team is now working with potential strategic partners in industry to model medium– to high-volume production. Additionally, the company was awarded an NSF SBIR to further the performance of the material and create new intellectual property. The team is now focused on the launch of two pilot programs; 1) gear applications for demanding defense gearboxes, and 2) high performance wear plates for mining applications.

Elegus Technologies

A new generation of high capacity, high discharge rate batteries require a new generation of membranes capable of withstanding demanding operation conditions and high currents. Elegus Technologies is commercializing a ultra-strong membrane made from high-performance nanoscale fibers developed at the University of Michigan. The patent-pending process is based on transformation of Kevlar threads into membranes with pores in 5–50 nm range necessary to prevent the growth of dendrites resulting in failure of many batteries.

Exo Dynamics

Chronic back pain is one of the most common ailments and reasons for missed work days in the United States. In the United States, 20% of the work force has back problems, and it is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor’s office in spite of only 25% of those affected seeking medical care. Exo Dynamics is an innovative medical device company bringing to market the next generation of spinal orthotic treatment. Our goal is to restore normal mobility to customers, allowing them to remain active, productive and independent.

Exo Dynamics has created a novel solution to the age old problem of back pain. We are providing a differentiated, disruptive technology in a market that has seen very little change over the last century. Our first product (ExMS) is an electromechanical back brace that will have the following impact: reduce the number of missed work days, reduce the cost of back pain treatment, and reduce the odds of serious spinal injury. We aim to reinvent back care as you know it!

Flipsi, Ltd.

Flipsi believes all reusable bottles should be safe, simple, easy-to-use, and effortless to clean. That is why we created both a sport and baby bottle which not only meet all of the same needs of currently marketed sports & baby bottles, but also satisfy the unmet need of easy bottle cleaning and drying.

We achieve this through our patent pending food-grade & BPA-free silicone and plastic design which allows anyone to simply flip the bottle inside-out, eliminating any hard to reach/clean surface. Although in theory any reusable bottle can be cleaned and dried, Flipsi’s competitive advantage is that its bottles can be cleaned and dried in a fraction of the time of other reusable bottles, with no special brushes or drying racks required.

Flipsi’s major function is the designing and selling of these bottles; bottle production and distribution will be contracted out to existing businesses. Flipsi also plans to expand into other bottle segments such as insulated containers and children’s sippy cups. Flipsi, Ltd. is a pre-revenue company with functional prototypes. Flipsi is currently seeking manufacturing and distribution partners to help take our sport and baby bottles designs to market.

FreeStride Therapeutics

FreeStride Therapeutics, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, is developing a novel and safe therapy for a broad spectrum of veterinary bone and joint diseases in multiple species. FreeStride’s first products are PowerGait™ and PowerStride™ in the equine and canine markets. FreeStride has developed a capital and time efficient path to first sales, including an FDA MUMS designation (the equivalent of a human orphan drug designation). This pathway enables FreeStride to develop veterinary markets sequentially: first, sell under the FDA’s MUMS conditional approval for equine periostitis followed by expansion into other equine indications, then expand to canine indications, and finally feline indications. An alternative development strategy is also feasible: develop both the equine and canine indications in parallel, which would allow FDA approvals to occur within about a year or so of each other. Each therapeutic path has its own exit strategy: horse only, dog only, or a combination thereof. FreeStride has secured a lead investor for Series A financing and is seeking an additional investor(s) to fill out the round. FreeStride has cultivated a substantial waiting list of customers ready to purchase, as both the management team and product development progress continue to be enthusiastically welcomed by future customers and users.


Genome sequencing is revolutionizing the way genetic diagnoses and discoveries are made in laboratories throughout the world. Each patient’s genome produces thousands of data-points — any one of which could be life-saving. Commercial software to analyze this data requires many hours of expensive, error-prone manual review per sample resulting in diagnoses delayed by days and discoveries delayed by months. We know because we have used many of these tools and have been frustrated with their failings. Our software, in contrast, automates decision-support and produces a graphical display of prioritized data-points emphasizing clinical contexts to provide faster and more accurate genome sequence interpretation. Genome sequencing software is a $250M market with forecasts for 2018 of $580M driven by growth in analysis software. To serve this market we offer two software-as-a-service products – SAVANT for identifying disease-causing mutations in clinical settings (license and per-sample pricing) and PRODIGY for discovery in large-scale academic and commercial projects (per-sample pricing) — with projected revenue of $70M in 2018. We are GENOMENON — clinical pathologists and cancer geneticists with decades of experience running laboratories that interpret genomes — and are convinced of the significant commercial potential of this software and our ability to realize it.

GAPro System

Every year, the insurance industry spends around $36 billion issuing, amending, and responding to issues related to Certificates of Insurance. Despite this large effort and expense, the actual status of a Certificate is static, unverifiable and subject to fraud. Studies confirm that half of all Certificates are in error, with many Certificates having lapsed, resulting in confusion, significant liability exposure, and expensive legal action. GAPro is targeting the $6.9 billion the industry currently spends to manually generate and communicate Certificate information. GAPro will ‘rewire the insurance industry by bringing together verified Insurance Data into a secure cloud-based platform providing a single, real-time, verified source of insurance information to insurance companies, agencies, insureds, and 3rd parties. By replacing current costly manual processes, unverified forms, and disjoint information sources under a single GAPro System umbrella, the Industry estimates that 75% of today’s compliance and administrative effort can be saved. While harder to quantify, consumers and the insurance industry will also benefit from significant fraud reduction and reduced litigation exposure that will provide additional returns to the Insurance Industry.

GS Engineering

GS Engineering, Inc. is an agile small business focused on mechanical and electrical design, analysis services, product development, instrumented field testing, and technology insertion. Incorporated by Glen Simula in 2001 and the inaugural spin-off company under Michigan Technological University’s Smart Zone program, GS Engineering was founded with the purpose of applying advanced technology developed during his 19 years at the Keweenaw Research Center (Michigan Technological University), to solve engineering problems primarily focused on military and commercial vehicles. Whether providing integrated engineering support for large organizations, or specialized skill sets where resources are limited, GS Engineering strives to solve critical problems quickly and effectively.

A strategic approach to executing every project, combined with a breadth of practical industry experience, has aligned GS Engineering to tackle broad and diverse systems with complex requirements, bringing a mature level of innovation and a unique design approach to solving problems across multiple industries. GS Engineering is AS9100C and ISO 9001:2008 certified, and employs certified quality engineers, certified weld inspectors, and certified quality auditors. In addition, GS Engineering is a certified small business that is located within a DoD HubZone, and was selected as the State of Michigan Government Contractor of the year in 2010.


HauntPay is the first and only event ticketing and payments system made specifically for haunted attractions. Haunt owners can use HauntPay to sell tickets to their attractions online, via a mobile device, and in-person through the HauntPay mobile app and card swiper. HauntPay launched with a bang in 2013, tallying 42 clients in its first year. For 2014, HauntPay has been completely overhauled to include in-person ticket sales and add-on products. This unique combination of features has already helped HauntPay sign 100+ new accounts for 2014, making it the world’s largest provider of online and in-person event ticketing for haunted attractions.

With $500 million in annual ticket sales (growing every year) across 3000+ attractions, the haunted attraction industry is a niche that shouldn’t be easily overlooked. HauntPay has barely scratched the surface of what’s possible. Projected revenues total $1M over the next year, but a cash-infusion could help HauntPay quadruple growth over the next two years. Beyond haunted attractions, many similar “forgotten” niches await, and HauntPay was built to be easily rebranded for those markets. From renaissance fairs, to beer festivals, to video game conventions, the platform is ready to conquer additional ignored verticals using the same scary simple formula.

IBUR BioSystems

IBUR BioSystems, L.L.C. offers a simple, yet comprehensive surgical planning system to help dental practitioners evaluate, prepare, and place implants in their ideal location from an anatomical and final restorative standpoint. IBUR’s patent pending technologies combine dental cast surface data and cone beam imaging into a hybrid physical anatomical model or a 3D rendered digital image, and create various types of innovative surgical guides with repeatable secure fit, allowing the doctor to quickly and accurately diagnose, plan a treatment, and execute the surgery with ease. The IBUR system does not require any initial investment from customers on equipment or software, and the learning needed is minimal since the data preparation service can be provided for the virtual surgical planning.

Since its establishment in October, 2010, IBUR has contributed to many successful dental implant surgeries in and out of the state. Because of its novel technologies, multiple doctors have presented their lectures based on IBUR’s surgical planning system in many different states, and its hybrid anatomical diagnostic model, CT imaging appliance, and surgical guides were adopted by universities for their educational programs and research projects.


Inventev is developing the Energy SWAT Truck providing mobile power generation solutions to the commercial fleet truck market. Through a patent-pending drive system, the company is able to use the same devices that electrically propel the vehicle to generate power and offer electrically-driven accessories for job sites. This capital efficient integration offers three categories of value proposition: Generate Electric, Work Electric, Drive Electric. Until now, customers needing mobile utility-grade backup power purchase expensive and underutilized generators. Alternately, they attempt to rent the capability often during periods when supply is insufficient (e.g., after hurricane Sandy). Beyond generating power, the system saves fuel and maintenance costs for mobility and avoids idling at job sites, addressing a growing customer need to reduce emissions and operate equipment such as aerial bucket lifts quietly.

The company is first addressing focused market segments in class 4–6 trucks such as electric utility and telecom bucket trucks. Inventev is led by successful automotive industry veterans and is collaborating with Pacific Gas & Electric Company, NextEnergy, and Kettering University with additional partnerships in process. Based in Detroit, Inventev connects to the MEDC SmartZone network through TechTown. The business also intends to support Michigan advanced manufacturing and vehicle technology development.

Levanto Financial

Introducing Levanto Financial — everyone’s household CFO. Levanto is a software and service platform that helps busy families save money ($12K/yr), time (14.7hrs/mo), and achieve peace of mind. Enabled by technology and powered by people, Levanto provides easy access to dedicated personal finance experts through our online and mobile platform. Our proprietary solution automatically monitors budgets, pays bills, and manages cash flow; while our team of financial experts interprets the data for our busy clients. We are unit profitable and tremendously scalable.

We’re distributing through multiple channels including CPA firms, investment advisors, and partnerships including Our target market is 13M mass affluent households — a $30B/yr opportunity, and we’re backed by the bes6t in the industry: Mark Goines (Turbotax, Mint, Check); Aaron Patzer (Mint); David Humphrey (TechWildcatters, Massage Envy). We make money by charging a monthly subscription fee, and MRR is growing 15% MoM. The market for fee-based financial advice is growing rapidly (CAGR 30.2%) and today’s busy households often feel overwhelmed by financial decisions, grunt-work, and consumer debt. We’re currently raising money to service demand with commitments from inside investors, new angels, and a seed fund. Levanto is putting the ‘personal’ back into ‘personal finance’.

LogiCoul Solutions

LogiCoul Solutions is an early stage Michigan company located at Macomb/OU INCubator. We have a unique, patented software system (IPS) to enhance performance in a variety of battery chemistries. Our signal generator sends electromagnetic waveforms which excite the interface between electrodes and electrolyte. This reduces battery resistance, allowing much faster charge times and substantially more useful energy per charge.

We have proven lab results on LiIon, NiMH, and Lead Acid batteries, being able to extract up to 25% more energy from a single charge. LogiCoul’s focus in on lead acid batteries, including the more advanced AGM types, having reduced battery resistance by nearly 20%, including cold temperature performance. Lead acid is the largest rechargeable market and is going encountering major change due to the shift for most vehicles by 2020 to Stop/Start micro-hybrids, requiring many more ignition cycles, and stressing the batteries.

BAF funded external lab testing has confirmed charge acceptance time 15% faster than current batteries. LogiCoul is working with the US Army (TARDEC) to a CRADA contract to more fully test its IPS process for life testing. With this data, we will renew and expand contacts with the battery community to explore license the technology.

Memloom, Inc.

Memloom is an exciting new digital media platform that can revolutionize the way people share stories and preserve memories. The power of Memloom is rooted in our human need to capture and share our memories and stories and ensure they live on long after we do.

The disparate digital landscape lacks a clear frontrunner in storytelling functionality, sharing and organization. Many of our memories are scattered across multiple forms of digital, print or film media and organizing them into a meaningful story is a growing challenge. Whether through photos on Facebook or Instagram, videos on YouTube or digital assets uploaded onto other sites, the experience for contextual storytelling is extremely limited. Providing deeper context and meaning to the media remains elusive. In our digital age, storytelling is becoming a lost art. Memloom offers an opportunity for individuals and enterprises alike to preserve the art of storytelling by enabling users to weave text, photo, audio and video together to craft and share memorable and beautiful stories that are stored securely in the cloud. This unique platform simplifies and enhances the experience of capturing and preserving memories through telling and sharing context — and content — of photos, video and other digital media. This is the essence of Memloom’s unique value proposition. Memloom reintroduces the value and significance of storytelling in a very relevant way. The name Memloom is a fusion of key aspects of its purpose – taking memories and weaving them into a living heirloom.

Micro-LAM Technologies LLC

For companies that would benefit from the softening of hard materials and reduced brittleness during machining, Micro-LAM Tech. offers cutting edge technology that increases productivity, provides a better surface and reduces tooling and finishing costs. The company provides an easily adaptable tool that delivers precision machining capabilities for ceramics, semiconductors, glass and metals, leading to greater efficiency and improved profitability. The breakthrough patented Micro-LAM technology developed by Dr. Deepak Ravindra and Dr. John Patten at Western Michigan University is a diamond cutting tool coupled to a high intensity laser to heat and softened nominally hard-to-machine materials. Manufactured in the USA, Micro-LAM’s hybrid laser-diamond cutting tool is the only one of its kind and has been proven through intensive research, testing and customer trial. The technology’s inventors hold exclusive license to the patents, the science and technology trade secrets. Micro‐LAM technology outshines its current competitors by enabling a part to be manufactured faster, cheaper and with better quality.


MitoStem is a stem cell technology company based in Detroit, whose proprietary processes and technologies to reprogram adult cell (skin or blood) will ultimately bring new stem cell therapies into the clinic. Incurable chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury affect over 30 million Americans and cost $260B annually in medical expenses. Stem cells can cure such diseases by making it possible to regenerate human tissues and organs to replace those that are diseased or damaged. MitoStem’s process avoids the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells and makes it possible to create stem cells from a patient’s own cells. In addition, the technology does not require foreign putting foreign genetic material into cells, making it safer for future therapeutic applications. MitoStem is initially targeting the research market and will first provide a service to reprogram patient cells provided by researchers into stem cells. This service business will generate revenues while the processes and technologies are standardized so that reprogramming kits can be developed for sales worldwide. The research activities of MitoStem’s customers will help move new stem cell therapies into the clinic. MitoStem will then be able to provide its technology for the therapeutic market.

Movellus Circuits, Inc.

Movellus Circuits offers a truly disruptive clock generator technology for the microprocessor market. A clock generator is responsible for generating the “heartbeat” signal of electronics which helps schedule various electronic functions – similar to the way clock on the wall helps us keep track of our daily activities. Movellus clock generators are quicker to design, small, high performance, low power, more flexible and only one fifth of the cost of existing solutions. This patent-pending technology was developed at the University of Michigan during Dr. Faisal’s doctoral research, and is a result of over $3M R&D investments and seven years of research efforts.

The initial Movellus product will target the system-on-chip market segment for a potential total addressable market of $1B. We are currently seeking seed funding for our first customer acquisition, IP strategy development, and initial product development. The Movellus team possesses the necessary technical, and management skills to bring this venture to success and will continually focus its efforts on growing the company while maximizing shareholder returns.

Mountain Labs

Mountain Labs is a Software-as-a-Service company that develops tools to facilitate healthcare research and data analytics. Our mission is to simplify healthcare research by creating efficient, secure, and cost-effective technologies for researchers and medical professionals worldwide. We are currently developing Symport™, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-hosted data management platform for personal, team, and enterprise use. Symport™ will allow users to collect structured primary data and merge it with secondary data (e.g. national patient record databases) to facilitate large-scale analysis and leverage high-quality data sets. By allowing our users to combine flexible data entry with structured data storage, we significantly reduce the time, money, and computer science knowledge required to collect the organized data needed for analytics.

Our experience working on large research projects at the University of Michigan Health System has allowed us to gain a firsthand understanding of the major problems in the healthcare IT industry. We have seen many brilliant people wasting too much time managing data, rather than using it to improve patient care and public health. With Symport™, our clients can save time and money, and fully dedicate themselves to producing groundbreaking medical research.

Neuvokas Corporation

Neuvokas has developed a high-speed process to produce Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) rebar at parity with steel. Neuvokas is leveraging this advantage to capture a significant share of the global $164B rebar market. Neuvokas is initially offering 3/8” dia. x 10’, 20’ and 40’ BFRP rebar, as a direct replacement for ½” steel rebar. The target market is private parking lots in the Gulf Coast of the US.

Neuvokas processes purchased fiber and internally formulated resin, combines them at a high rate of speed producing BFRP rebar that will achieve price parity with steel. Initially the product will be sold direct transitioning to distribution. Neuvokas has shipped a $4,400 order to Stahl Concrete. Stahl concrete placed another $65,000 purchase order. S&S Concrete has provided a LOI for tilt up concrete wall use. Parkway Lake Developments has provided a LOI for $720,000. Pacific Steel has provided a LOI for Canadian Distribution. IKO Europe is interested in European distribution and licensing manufacturing rights. Neuvokas has two patents pending. The budget has funding for 5 utility patents, additionally the IP strategy includes formulas and know how protected as trade secrets. Neuvokas has raised over $2.2M in private equity, loans and grants.

Nowza, Inc.

Billions of dollars are spent on merchandise at concerts, conferences, sporting events, yet the shopping process is inconvenient (the fan must carry & protect their merchandise), disruptive (the fan must leave the event to buy anything), and a waste of time (much event time is wasted in long lines) … think of shopping from a card table in the middle of a “Black Friday Sale”.

Nowza is a mobile app with a single aim — to radically simplify the Live Event Shopping Experience. Using geolocation and patent-pending technology, the Nowza App creates a ‘virtual store’ around live events and automatically delivers event merchandise offers to Fans’ smartphones. Once ordered, digital products are downloaded immediately, while physical products can be shipped to the Fan’s home or picked-up in an at-venue Express Lane. The currently-available Nowza App sells products at live concerts at hundreds of US venues. To differentiate itself from millions of other free apps, Nowza partners with the people who can best motivate an audience to download an app … the Performer. Having the most need for a Mobile Store (and a way to immediately ‘socially connect’ with their audience), Nowza’s performer-partners are stage performers who routinely perform to audiences of 2000 and less.


Ornicept’s flagship product, SPECTEO®, is an end-to-end fieldwork collaboration platform that is reinventing the way that field data is collected. SPECTEO creates the first digital workflow for remotely capturing and centrally managing data in industries that have struggled to adapt existing software solutions for their use. By creating novel solutions for collecting data from remote worksites, rapidly designing forms, tracking employees, collaborating securely, and managing teams, SPECTEO has succeeded in challenging environments where traditional systems have failed. The platform allows managers to translate their existing workflows directly into software which reduces switching costs and improves efficiency. Through automating many analog tasks, project management bottlenecks are eliminated which directly benefits the customer’s bottom line. TUV Rheinland, a global inspection firm, has produced a whitepaper showing that SPECTEO has reduced project labor costs by 22%, a remarkable figure in an industry driven by single digit margins. Ornicept fully owns and controls the proprietary technologies that power SPECTEO, and the company is growing quickly with strong engineering, sales, and marketing teams. SPECTEO is fully deployed and operational with customers such as Duke Energy and Western Ecosystems Technology.


Obtaining a clear and complete picture of human health requires the accurate measurement of multiple proteins in blood, urine, and other body fluids. Unfortunately, modern medical diagnosis relies heavily on the measurement of one protein at a time. This is partly due to a bottleneck in protein testing that has not been addressed in the 40 years since the technology was developed. PHASIQ’s proprietary MPS™ technology has solved this problem and provides unparalleled access to the picture of health and disease by enabling the creation of multiple-protein tests. With our solution, researchers and scientists can dramatically increase the pace of medical discovery beyond anything the life science industry has seen in over four decades.

Founded in 2012, PHASIQ offers high-quality protein-based tests that are free of the problems that plague the currently available solutions on the market. The result is an unprecedented time– and cost-savings to the life sciences industry. PHASIQ’s solution enables life scientists to perform tests that are currently unfeasible due to limitations from molecular interactions. We provide our customers with tests that are cheaper, more accurate, and turned around faster than the competition. We are PHASIQ, and our mission is to accelerate the pace of medical discovery.


Piezonix LLC is a Michigan State University spin-out company to commercialize NSF-funded research— piezo-floating-gate (PFG) self-powered sensing technology. Piezonix focuses on the next generation of self-powered smart sensing solutions with a goal of being a leading supplier in the area of the health and usage monitoring systems. Piezonix has been awarded $225,000 Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) phase I grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Promethient, LLC

Promethient LLC is a Traverse City, Michigan based consulting and development company. The company targets the development of energy conversion technologies with high commercialization potential. In 2013 Promethient received a US Department of Energy award to develop the company’s concept of rapidly inserting long heat exchangers into the earth to capture or reject heat. The US DOE wanted to foster development of a technology that could take down the largest barrier to wider adoption of ground source heat pumps (GSHP), or sometimes called geothermal heat pumps, the most efficient heating and cooling systems known.

Development of the EarthSpar™ was successful and showed that the cost of installing a GSHP ground loop could be reduced by 50%; a major achievement. In addition to a large reduction in cost, the technology is also much more thermally efficient than existing methods. A patent is pending on this unique technology. Promethient was founded by Charles Cauchy, a serial technology entrepreneur and is advised by a capable and seasoned advisory board with national and international experience.

Saras, LLC

An Ann Arbor company since 2010, Sara’s is developing a high performance solar absorptive receiver coating with improved durability that will increase the operating temperature above the current limit of 400 °C, which results in improved power cycle efficiency. The improved efficiency makes solar-¬‐thermal electricity cheaper and enables Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) to be the preferred option for electricity generation.

Dr. Suresh Mani is the Founder and President of Saras. Suresh has a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering and has led Product Development of printing inks and coatings. He has also gained valuable product and process development experience in the energy storage and renewables space.

The Co-founder and CIO is Ms. Shanti Suresh. Shanti is an Electrical Engineer with a Master’s in over 20 years of experience in leadership roles at the University of Michigan.


Sentinl, a Detroit-based company, is pleased to announce its new product, IDENTILOCK. With the gun debate a hot topic, IDENTILOCK will provide an answer to appease both sides of the topic. Using fingerprint ID technology, gun owners will be able to unlock their weapons in a second.

Developed by Omer Kiyani, a Detroit-based safety engineer, IDENTILOCK represents a new way to ensure your gun is secure. Kiyani, who was shot in the mouth as a sixteen-year-old by an unsecured weapon, has dedicated his professional career to making products safer. IDENTILOCK will allow gun owners to safely and responsibly store accessible weapon in their home. With its fingerprint ID technology, only the gun owner and the people he or she trusts to handle the weapon will be able to unlock it. When the sensor recognizes a fingerprint, it unlocks the weapon in an instant.

Shock EngineWorks Inc.

Shock EngineWorks is a Low Carbon Emissions Engines (LCEE) Development Company. Our objective is to develop de cleanest-emissions engines in the world. Our value proposition is to bring low fuel consumption, high reliability, and light-weight engines to specific markets. This value proposition was found to be key for the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) through a customer discovery process done in NSF iCorps. Shock EngineWorksTM is an early stage company formed on the basis of engine development research, conducted during more than 7000hr, at Michigan State University (MSU) by its founder Pablo Parraga-Ramirez. The company was formed in October 2013 with initial seed investment and support services from Spartan Innovations, the MSU research spin-out incubator. Supporting Pablo is Michael Medvec as CEO. Michael has spent more than 37 years in the automotive industry holding executive leadership positions with Visteon and Ford Motor Company in the areas of research, product development, manufacturing and planning. Our first LCEE, is a micro turbine called the ShockwaveTM. It features pressure gain combustion and will fit the needs of the UAS market. Beyond UAS, the waste-to-energy, portable-power, remote-power, hybrid-vehicles, and peak-shaver-generation markets are ideal targets for future growth.

Sisu Global Health

Sisu Global Health is a medical technology company tailored to Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently, 80% of the medical technology is designed for only 10% of the world. Sisu designs for challenges that effect the other 90%, such as the global donor blood shortage. The current standard of care in Sub-Saharan Africa is a kitchen soup ladle and gauze to salvage blood from an internal hemorrhage.

Sisu’s first device, the Hemafuse, replaces this rudimentary technique. The Hemafuse is a manual autotransfusion device that functions much like a large syringe to pull blood through a filter and to transport it straight to a blood bag in a closed system. The Hemafuse has undergone two successful pre-clinical trials and was recently awarded the Saving Lives at Birth Grant through USAID, the Gates Foundation, and their partners. The Hemafuse is the first device in Sisu’s portfolio. All of Sisu’s medical devices are simple, intuitive, and are sourced directly from the needs of Sub-Saharan African countries. Sisu has letters of support from Ghanaian teaching hospitals, international NGO’s, and distributors. Sisu will scale its portfolio technologies through distribution partnerships across private, NGO, and government systems. Sisu’s headquarters are in Grand Rapids and will utilize Michigan manufacturing.


SkySpecs is lowering the barrier to entry for drone users — enabling drones to do things they have never done before for people and companies who never dreamed to use them. Our first products target the Sense and Avoid problem — that is the ability for drones to avoid people, objects, and other aircraft automatically. Sense and avoid technology makes drones significantly safer and easier to use, and promises to unlock a $12B opportunity. SkySpecs is positioned to provide the gold standard for sense and avoid technology, supported in part by a Phase 1 NSF SBIR.


For as long as there has been shopping, there has been indecision. Indecision interrupts our lives and makes us uncomfortable. Snapsure is a mobile app that helps you eliminate indecision and make shopping easy. We built Snapsure to help you quickly tap your friends, family or trusted experts to get feedback on what you want to buy. No more wading through texts or social network comments.

Using Snapsure is simple. SNAP: Snap a picture and select the friends or family you want to share it with.

SET: Set the timer to indicate when you need the feedback. Use hashtags (like #littleblackdress) so we can recommend Experts that can help. VOTE: Send your Snap to the people you select and they get the world’s simplest vote screen. And the timer lets them know when you need their feedback. FEEDBACK: You get quick, easy-to-understand feedback from one friend or 100. STYLE: Get styled on demand by one of our verified Experts (coming soon). Snapsure is a freemium app that is available in the App Store (September 2014). Founded by Syed Amaanullah and Marlo Rencher, Snapsure is proud to be born and based in Detroit, Michigan.

Solartonic, LLC

solartonic offers the best in class, highest performance and most economic solar lighting solutions for external area applications.

Pain: Customers demand reduced electricity costs. Specifiers seek energy efficient lighting solutions. Existing solutions consume significant energy or are technically limited by large unsightly solar panels that behave like wind sails. New grid-connected street lighting can be 3x times the cost of solar lighting. Solutions: solartonic provides a solar lighting solution, solarlume, offering lower total cost of ownership — no trenching, no cabling, no electric bills, and no replacement cycles over a 20+ year lifespan. solarlume integrates our solarap technology ( the world’s first high-efficiency, aerodynamic pole-wrapped modular solar system) with smartadapt (our proprietary control system which manages solar energy generation, light level output and battery energy storage). Market: 59 million new street lights will be installed worldwide in the next 10 years. New infrastructure in Africa, Asia, South America and the USA are key market drivers. Traction: We have a successful commercial demonstration project in Dallas, and two new installations in Houston and Detroit. We are signing up a growing number of representatives in the USA and created a venture partnership in the UK to pursue infrastructure projects in North Africa.


Soletics is developing a wearable platform technology to deliver superior temperature management of the body. The current embodiment is in the form of ultra-thin, battery powered, auto-thermoregulatory gloves. These gloves house temperature sensors in each finger which send real-time feedback to a microcomputer that is translated and used to inform ‘smart’ heating elements located strategically throughout the glove. The Soletics glove actively adapts to the conditions of the individual user and automatically regulates each finger to a predefined temperature. This means that, at any activity level, the user’s hands will remain comfortable without the need to manually adjust settings or adjust layers. Through extensive customer discovery, Soletics has learned that this system has the potential to be valuable in many different markets, including outdoor recreation, outdoor industrial applications, and pro athletics. However the most interested market includes those individuals who suffer from Raynaud’s Disease, a lifelong connective tissue disorder. Their attacks happen indoors and outdoors, and in random areas of the extremities, which significantly lowers their quality of life. The gloves will be usable both indoors and outdoors and the medical application will serve as a launch point for many other apparel applications and markets.

Supported Intelligence, LLC

Supported Intelligence, LLC develops and sells innovative and reliable decision analytic software for users in a range of fields, including: business management, investing, inventory management, medical treatment, and more. Our software is built around the breakthrough Rapid Recursive® method (patent-pending), which mimics the way humans analyze complex decision problems – by breaking them into a series of smaller decisions. Our first-in-the-world Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, invented right here in Michigan, allows users to compose, error-check, solve, and report the results of sequential decision problems. Compared to traditional methods, the Rapid Recursive approach benefits users by helping them to avoid unnecessary risks, identify opportunities they may have otherwise overlooked, and make decisions more rapidly as conditions change.

Sample problems that can be addressed using our product include: selecting the best marketing or incentive programs for different customer segments, managing retail inventory, determining whether to discharge a patient or continue treatment, deciding between different courses of medical treatment, determining what investments to make and when, evaluating business expansion opportunities, and valuing companies and portfolios with unique risks. To learn more about our world-leading, Michigan-based company, or our revolutionary products, please visit our website or come see our pitch at the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition.

SurClean, Inc.

SurClean Inc’s, disruptive laser technology selectively removes paint, debris, oxides and other surface coatings from various surfaces. Aircraft, ships, and other major assets require regular surface stripping for mandated inspections and maintenance. But as these and other products experience light-weighting, the advanced materials cannot be maintained by traditional removal methods – chemical stripping, media blasting and abrasives. They are costly, time consuming, create worker safety and hazmat problems, and generate large quantities of hazardous waste. SurClean’s system is precise, cost effective, safe, energy efficient and earth friendly. Its IP, developed through technology projects funded by the Air Force Research Laboratory, will be the center of many nascent industries it will serve. SurClean completed testing of proprietary optical components at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. The SurClean robotic system, operating at Kuka System’s lab, is providing potential customers demonstrations using off-the-shelf laser sources. These tests proved SurClean’s components. The documented strip rate is two times faster than other laser competitors. Hill Air Force Base equipment installation proved the technology and public reports validate the coating removal cost reduction for one part of one plane as 77% from $9M to $2M. SurClean’s management team is experienced and growing this company

Tetra Discovery Partners

Tetra designs drugs to treat memory loss that improve how the brain processes and stores information. The Tetra drugs target a family of related enzymes know as Type 4 phosphodiesterases (PDE4). These modulate a key signaling pathway important for the biochemistry of memory. Our understanding of this pathway allows Tetra to develop a platform of drug products for psychiatry and neurology. The company’s first cognition drug is being developed for treating memory loss in Alzheimer’s dementia and cognitive impairment in schizophrenia with potential market expansion to Huntington’s disease, major depression and traumatic brain injury. Tetra has an open collaboration model whereby through a network of academic and industry partners, the company is able to leverage $15 million in federal funding through the National Institutes of Health to advance its first cognition drug into human clinical testing in 2015. The combination of Tetra’s platform technology, strong intellectual property, multiple, addressable markets for its products, and strong federal funding validates Tetra’s strategy and makes Tetra highly capital efficient. Tetra is led by Dr. Mark Gurney PhD MBA, a seasoned pharmaceutical research and business executive with 20+ years of experience in industry and academia.

The Mackinac Technology Company

The Mackinac Technology Company has developed a transparent window insulation system that can give a window the same thermal insulation values as a well-insulated wall at price points low enough to recover product costs within 3–5 years. The product is ultra-light weight and installation requires no modifications to existing structures making it suitable for retrofit applications. The Mackinac window insulation system does not diminish visible light, it maintains window aesthetics and it captures solar heat gain making it particularly effective in cold climate zones.


TurtleCell developed the world’s first smartphone case with retractable headphones offering premium audio. As a mobile-first accessories company, TurtleCell’s products increase the convenience of enjoying your music on the go. With a TurtleCell case you’ll receive superior phone protection and never lose, break or tangle your headphones again.

The passionate entrepreneurial energy of TurtleCell mixed with the expertise of a veteran distribution partner allows the company to deliver innovative accessory solutions to users on a truly massive scale. Their world-wide sales channels are the foundation of the business, which have led to sales in 10+ countries and thousands of end-users.

Upland Nanotech

Market Problem: During 2013, 50 million U.S. citizens experienced a food-borne illness, resulting in 130,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. The U.S. has broadened its food supply with organic farms, farm markets, and imports, but inspections have lagged due to antiquated test methods that take 1–3 days. Only 6% of domestically produced food and < 1% of imported food shipments are tested. Further, slow testing costs substantial delay in shipments and considerable money in inventory spoilage.

Solution: Upland Nanotech has a sensor system that significantly speeds pathogen testing. Based on nano-wire technology, the sensors are hypersensitive, providing test results in under an hour via Upland’s system versus the 12–72 hours of culture enrichment required by products on the market today. This decreases food shipment hold times and enables expanded testing, reducing food contamination and lowering U.S. health costs. Upland is finalizing its system to rapidly test for key strains of E.coli, Salmonella, and Listeria – an early prototype found E.coli O157:H7 in a sample in 10 minutes. Upland outsources production of the disposable sensors and re-usable read-out devices, and will ramp sales to nine figures through reputable partners. Upland plans third party product validation via AOAC Certification by Q3, 2015.

White Pine Systems, LLC

White Pine Systems (“SPINN”) is a provider of online and mobile community care coordination systems. Our proprietary platform, “SPINN—The Secure Personal Information & Notification Network,” is the only “Meaningful Use Stage 2” certified modular patient engagement platform that brings together physical health, behavioral health and social supports.

Traditional patient portals and personal health records have proven ineffective. It’s no surprise; patients with inadequately treated addiction or behavioral health challenges, or who have other life/social challenges do not engage effectively in the management of their physical health conditions. Similarly, people with no place to sleep or who need a job, do not effectively manage their health. The result is a fragmented care system and ineffective waste of resources with poor health outcomes. Yet coordinated treatment works. New regulations and expectations require community care coordination. SPINN is the first integrated community care coordination and analytics platform designed to meet these diverse needs. SPINN’s clients include behavioral health providers, community health centers, accountable care organizations, and employee benefits companies. Clients have shown significant improvements in health outcomes, total cost and profitability. Our clients have received national recognition because of their success with SPINN. SPINN is raising capital to expand marketing and operations.

2014 Student Finalist & Award Winners

EV Airway Innovations


Mach Hockey

2013 Company Finalists & Award Winners


First Place:  Varsity News Network

Second Place: Covaron Advanced Materials

Third Place:  REL, Inc.


Company Sector Awards & Winners – $25,000 Cash Prize

  • NextEnergy Transportation and New Mobility Award – Wave Aircraft                      
  • DTE Alternative Energy Award – Inmantech, Inc.
  • Masco Advanced Materials Award – Lite Brake
  • Comcast Information Technology Award – PlanReaction
  • Life Science Award – Cure Launcher                                                    
  • Medical Device Award – ENT Biotech Solutions                                                   
  • Next Generation Manufacturing Award – AutoBike                             
  • Products & Services Award – PinDrop, Inc.                                           

People’s Choice Award – $10,000 Cash Prize               

  •  Turtle Cell

Student Competition Awards & Winners

  • Soletics – Grand Award Winner, $25,000
  • SIB Medical Technologies, LLC – Second Prize Award Winner, $15,000
  • AirFuel – Third Prize Award Winner, $10,000


2012 Company Finalists & Award Winners


Algal Scientific Corporation — Life Science

Algal Scientific uses algae to convert low cost nutrients into a unique compound, beta– 1,3 glucan that has been extensively researched due to its ability to boost the immune system within humans and animals. Our process yields more than a 50% cost reduction compared to the current wholesale world prices, and as a result opens up a potential $20B market in the animal nutrition industry, where usage today has been limited due to cost. Opportunistically, our process can be used to treat food grade process water from industries such as breweries and dairies. This process could save these industries millions of dollars, provide low or negative cost nutrients for our process, and absorb most of the capital costs for our production process. Our team includes scientists and engineers with expertise in algae and bio-chemical production, entrepreneurs experienced in taking high tech firms public, and a world-class group of advisors from academia and industry. We are optimizing and scaling up our pilot production to meet customer needs. We are expecting regulatory certifications in September 2012 and are conducting animal feed efficacy trials. We expect to be in commercial production before year-end 2012.


nanoMAG LLC — Advanced Materials

nanoMAG LLC, a revenue stage engineered biomaterials manufacturer, is developing and commercializing next generation, high strength, lightweight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopedic medicine. nanoMAG develops biomedical pins, screws and fixtures, and sells the finished part or set to an OEM such as Stryker, Synthes, Biomet and others. An OEM partner’s product design is manufactured by nanoMAG. The OEM completes sterilization, packaging, and then handles worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of the finished products. For biomedical implants, our gross margins are 80+%. Orthopedic surgeons and patients want to reduce secondary surgeries needed to remove a pin or plate once the bone heals. The current bioabsorbable plastics lack sufficient strength and stiffness during the healing process; existing metal parts are strong but not bioabsorbable. Our new BioMg® alloys are strong like bone but degrade over time to provide nutrients to promote bone re-growth. Building on the 20 year success of Thixomat, a pioneer in light weight magnesium alloys, nanoMAG is focused on the biomedical opportunities: building braces for Donjoy, surgical instruments and biomedical implants for our OEMs. A strong board of advisors, all of whom have extensive industry experience, complements our team of veteran Materials Scientists and Business Developers.

InPore Technologies, Inc. — Advanced Materials

InPore Technologies has developed and is bringing to market a platform technology for which there are numerous marketable opportunities. The Company’s primary focus is on the use of its sub-micron particles, trade-named Mezzopore™, as additives for water filtration membrane applications. Industries ranging from municipal drinking supplies to food/beverage production to the manufacturing of microchips and pharmaceuticals require large quantities of very pure water. Due to the constraints of existing technologies, producing this water consumes a great amount of energy. Mezzopore-enhanced filter cartridges can reduce energy consumption by more than half while improving water quality. Our additive is priced to provide end-users with a ROI of greater than 75% while also increasing gross margins for membrane manufacturers. The value proposition offered, coupled with the ever increasing demand for pure water and the significant amount of M&A activity in this sector, suggests that InPore Technologies is a solid investment opportunity.

InfiChem Polymers, LLC — Advanced Materials

InfiChem Polymers, LLC (“the Company”) was formed in 2009 to commercialize its proprietary chemical process for recycling of polyurethane scrap destined for landfills into the InfiGreen™ line of polyol products that are used in production on new polyurethanes. Worldwide, the Company is first to the market with this innovative technology. In today’s market, businesses are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, improve their “green image,” and cut cost. In response, InfiGreen™ polyols are competitively priced, environmentally friendly materials that are exceptionally well received. From its demonstration facility, the Company already supplies customers in the construction and automotive industries. For its efforts the Company has received numerous awards including Chrysler’s 2010 Environmental Achievement Award, 2011 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Award for Advanced Materials, and 2012 Detroit Free Press Michigan Green Leader Award-Small Business. The company plans to continue with significant expansion of its production capabilities to meet the growing demand for its products. 2012 gross sales are on track to increase 300% compared to previous year, and rapid sales growth is projected as the Company implements its expansion inNAFTA, followed by Europe, Asia, and South America.

Eco-Fueling — Advanced Transportation

ECO-Fueling, LLC of Saline, MI, has designed, built, road-tested, and delivered its first customer vehicle with a LOI of 300 more units, of a new fuel savings retrofit product. This new technology uses a renewable fuel (E85) that is directly injected into the intake manifold airflow of any diesel engine. Independent testing of this new technology has shown net increases in fuel economy of 15% and performance, while providing reductions of particulate matter (PM) by 50% and nitrous oxides (NOx) by 20%. All of these results directly influence net operational costs for a cash savings of as much as 15%. The average heavy-duty diesel truck uses approximately $100,000 of fuel per year. Our technology has to the potential of saving $15,000 per vehicle for the end user and replaces 15% of the diesel fuel with renewable E85. The net return on investment for a typical on road truck application of ECOIS is less than 190 days of continuous operation using diesel pricing at $4.07 per gallon. The initial target market is Midwest regional fleets. This will allow us to utilize fuel distributors as our channel partners and develop fleet data to support a national rollout.

Ornicept — Alternative Energy

Ornicept automates bird monitoring and puts unprecedented data in the hands of decision makers. For wind energy developers, military natural resource managers, regulators, and airfield controllers, having up-to-date information on bird movement is mission critical. Through a state-of-the-art network of distributed cameras, computers, and computer vision algorithms, Ornicept has developed a system for remotely collecting data on birds by species as they move through a survey zone. For protected species such as California Condors, Whooping Cranes, Bald Eagles, or Golden Eagles, wind energy developers need to have a comprehensive understanding of their prevalence for successful permitting and project operation. For airfield managers, threats often manifest themselves as common waterfowl such as geese or ducks. For these and other applications, collecting the necessary data has previously relied on deploying teams of biologists to sit with binoculars, a costly and inefficient solution. Leading the way to the future of avian monitoring, the Ornicept system offers dawn-to-dusk monitoring year-round and puts high-quality data in the hands of biologists and decision makers. As a partner in development and environmental management, Ornicept delivers cutting-edge solutions for digital avian surveying.

Ideomed — Information Technology

Ideomed®’s Abriiz® platform empowers individuals to manage their chronic conditions with an affiliated care team. The tool is sold via group license to insurance companies, who in turn engage their members to achieve better health and cost outcomes. The initial focus of Ideomed® was asthma, the number one US pediatric condition. The added insurer cost of very poorly controlled asthma is $7000 per child per year. Abriiz® helps individuals gain control based on an innovative application of adherence science. The Abriiz® care team web, for the individual’s family members and organizational care managers, is used to set medication schedules, define incentives, and monitor. The mobile application is used by the individual to receive reminders and guidance, log info, and view progress. This solution has reduced ER visits and school absences in trials of Abriiz® Asthma, and several organizations are now using it as paying clients, including Medicaid insurers. Ideomed® has a distinctive and recognized brand, proprietary approach, and copyrighted content with meaningful differentiation. Ideomed® will offer a portfolio of self-management solutions, cross selling to a growing base of organizational clients. The portfolio is currently expanding to include Abriiz® Heart (to reduce heart failure readmissions) and Abriiz® WaiPointes (for Women’s Health).

BioSavita — Life Science

BioSavita is a biotechnology company focused on accelerating therapeutic antibody development for our partners. Antibodies are the newest pharmaceutical blockbusters with $56 billion in aggregate sales in 2011 growing at 13–15% CAGR to over $70B by 2015. BioSavita’s CEO has successfully led venture-backed as well as publicly traded biotech companies. BioSavita’s management team includes two of the top-licensing professionals for antibody expression platforms. The company has developed and validated its Twin Cassette™ yeast expression platform technology. BioSavita’s technology enables the manufacture of fully functional antibodies, single domain antibodies, and fusion proteins in secreted form. The company’s lead therapeutic programs are an anti-CD52 IgG monoclonal antibody (Campath® biosimilar) for multiple sclerosis,IL-15 muteins for cancer and secretory IgA antibody for C. difficile infection. These programs are available for out-licensing and co-development. BioSavita’s technology has been validated by peer-reviewed grants from NIH and by technology licensing agreements with five major pharmaceutical companies. For biopharma using the current expression methods available, BioSavita’s yeast platform has the potential to shorten the discovery phase for antibodies by 30%, and reduce the capital costs of manufacturing by 50%. The company licenses the platform to companies for an upfront fee and royalties.

BREONICS — Medical Devices

BREONICS is commercializing a technology to solve the shortage of transplantable kidneys. The company’s “EMS” system will enable expansion of the donor pool to include hundreds of thousands of potential deceased donors who are never considered today. This technology has been developed over the last 15 years and is now entering clinical trials at the University of Michigan under a grant from NIH. Despite there being nearly 600,000 people in the United States with End Stage Renal Disease, a shortage of transplantable kidneys limits the number of kidney transplants to approximately 17,000 per year. Even with millions of deaths in the US every year from all causes, less than 11,000 kidneys are recovered from cadaveric donors, with the remainder coming from living donors. The reason for this is that current hypothermic preservation technologies limit the cadaveric donor pool to only those who die of “brain death”—a total pool that is less than 20,000 potential donors annually. The EMS system has the potential to increase the number of kidney transplants performed by up to 100,000 per year by enabling use of previously unrecoverable cadaveric kidneys from a much larger, currently untapped donor pool.

Coliant Corporation — Next Generation Manufacturing

By putting the “power” back in power sports vehicles, co-founders of Warren-based Coliant Corporation, John Swiatek, Dave Meerhaeghe, and Adam Bonislawski focus on a rider’s comfort, convenience and safety. Coliant designs, manufactures and distributes rugged electrical accessories that are intuitive and universally adaptable. Under the company’s Powerlet brand, Coliant developed its Rugged Electrix product line to withstand water, vibration, UV rays and oil/gas, meeting its own global compliance standards for electrical interface. Although focused initially on the motorcycle market, the Powerlet product line has applications in numerous industries and on various power sport vehicles. Powerlet has dealer and distribution outlets throughout the U.S., UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia providing support for the power outlets found on BMW, Triumph, KTM and Ducati motorcycles. Direct OEM customers include Polaris Industries, Indian Motorcycles, Motus and KTM North America. Coliant has raised capital from private investors, the FirstStepFund and the Preseed Fund.

Protean — Products and Services

Protean, a startup based out of Ann Arbor, MI, is developing a stylish, minimalistic, and reprogrammable card called Echo. Echo is one card to rule them all; it can mimic every card in a consumer’s wallet. By consolidating a consumer’s plastic collection into a single card, Echo eliminates wallet clutter. Echo users can securely and conveniently carry an unlimited number of cards and therefore need never again miss out on opportunities to earn discounts and reward points via in-store and loyalty cards. Echo also syncs wirelessly with Protean’s mobile wallet app (iOS/Android), enabling Protean to deliver the first mobile wallet that can be used everywhere payment cards are accepted. This wallet provides merchants with an unprecedented opportunity to create a more engaging in-store customer experience and to incentivize the use of in-store cards. When customers use in-store cards, merchants save on hefty transaction fees and collect more detailed customer data. For consumers, Protean’s wallet app will facilitate better and faster purchasing and financing decisions, saving them time and money.

Retia Medical — Medical Devices

Retia Medical makes monitors for high-risk patients in the operating room and intensive care units. Clinicians use Retia’s cardiac output monitor to make earlier diagnoses and optimize treatment for patients with conditions such as hemorrhage, heart failure, and sepsis. More than 32 independently conducted studies have shown that optimized hemodynamic management with accurate COmonitoring can lead to significantly improved outcomes and lower costs. Among less-invasive devices, Retia’s monitor maintains its accuracy when the patient goes unstable, which is when other devices fail. Retia will target its first product for the $2+ billion hospital market, which includes at least 15 MM high-risk surgeries and 3 MM ICU patients. Retia has protected its technology, developed at Michigan State and MIT, with ten patents. It has also validated the technology through extensive tests in animals and over 300 humans. Retia has raised seed capital to finance product development and further clinical studies. With the support of a strong advisory board comprised of industry and clinical experts, the team expects to receive FDA approval and launch the product within 2.5 years.

2012 Student Finalists & Award Winners

Kymeira Advanced Materials – First Place Winner
Kymeira is a family of new-to-the-world inorganic polymers. With its proprietary chemistry, Kymeira is able to acheive ceramic-like properties with several key advantages.





Lemon Peel – First Runner Up
We developed is a headband that fits comfortably around the ears and forehead and removes both the sound and light.






SkySpecs, LLC – Second Runner Up 
SkySpecs, LLC, will provide versatile flying platforms that operate cameras and other sensors in locations which are physically difficult to access or dangerous for a person.





45th Parallel Lighting, LLC
45th Parallel Lighting, LLC is a company with a patent pending design on a unique LED lighting kit for all kinds of sporting equipment.  Action GlowTM products offer the sports enthusiast a way to stand out in a crowd while adding an element of safety.

Bhuiyan Medical LLC     
A patent pending, universal specimen preservation device that enables small pieces of human tissue or stool to be rapidly immersed and preserved at room temperature in toxic preservatives without exposing the end user to the toxicants. The samples contained in the device can then be safely stored or used for further biochemical, molecular, and structural analysis.

CentriCycle, Inc. is a Michigan non-profit working to improve healthcare in rural India through the implementation of appropriate diagnostic technology and education. We believe healthcare should not be stationary, it should not rely on electricity, and it should be able to reach those people who need it most.

Philharmoniq is a running mp3 player that can match the tempo of any song to the cadence of your footsteps.

SMRT Delivery LLC
SMRT Delivery has developed a platform technology that allows fluids to be delivered to a specific location within a liquid environment. This technology allows pipeline owners to actively treat areas of corrosion throughout the line, using anti-corrosive chemicals or sealants.

Universal Vaccines       
We have developed a methodology to naturally evolve antigens from mutable viruses, thus creating variety of anticipatory mutant antigens for making “universal” vaccines.

Warmilu, LLC    
Warmilu, LLC is using its nonelectric heat technology in infant warm-ing blankets to reduce infant mortality from hypothermia.


2011 Company Finalists & Award Winners

DeNovo Sciences

$150,000 PRIZE WINNER:
Fusion Coolant Systems


People’s Choice – $10,000:
Shoulder Innovations, LLC

AARP Encore Award – $25,000:
NEXTGEN Metabolomics, Inc.


Ford Advanced Transportation Award: ENRG Power Systems, LLC

DTE Energy Alternative Energy Award: Grid Logic

General Dynamics Land Systems Defense and
Homeland Security Award:

Comcast Information Technology Award:
i3D Technologies, Inc.

Life Sciences Award: OcuSciences, Inc.

Products and Services Award: LLamasoft, Inc.

Medical Devices Award: Advanced Cooling Therapy, LLC

Dow Corning Advanced Materials Award: InfiChem Polymers, LLC, Sterling Hts.

Masco Next Gen Manufacturing Award: ePack, Inc.

2010 Company Finalists & Award Winners


Armune BioScience $500,000 Winner

Armune BioScience is a molecular diagnostic company developing a prostate cancer diagnostic test utilizing autoantibodies which are capable of diagnosing cancer earlier and more accurately than competitive technologies. It is well established that the earlier cancer is detected the better the five-year survival rates. The technology can also be used to detect lung and breast cancer. Prognostic tests will also be developed using autoantibodies for all three forms of cancer to differentiate between indolent and aggressive cancer. This information will be invaluable to the oncologist and patient when determining treatment options. The Company has identified 20 autoantibodies / biomarkers which have been attached to Luminex® beads and then studies were completed to validate the assay. The Armune prostate cancer diagnostic test is being developed as a LDT (Laboratory Developed Test) in compliance with CLIA regulations.

A final assay validation study will be completed mid-November and then CLIA applications will be submitted to MI, NY and FL. Once the CLIA application is approved, Armune will hire additional laboratory people plus sales and marketing personnel and start generating revenue the first quarter of 2011. The potential for sales growth is excellent and the fifth year sales forecast is $71 million.

Arbor Photonics $150,000 Winner

Arbor Photonics is developing high power, fiber laser solutions for advanced materials processing and defense applications. The company’s products will be lasers and lasers subsystems that enable increased productivity and new capabilities in the growing $2 billion industrial laser market. Specific applications include current and next generation manufacturing of solar cells, microelectronics, flat panel displays and LEDs. Target customers are original equipment manufacturers and defense contractors. Unsurpassed product performance is achieved with unique 3C Fiber™ technology, licensed exclusively from the University of Michigan that can economically deliver 2 to 5 times more power and processing speed than competing alternatives. Founded in 2007, the company currently employs 10 people in 3,800 sq ft of laboratory and office space in Ann Arbor. The company has been awarded three Small Business Innovative Research awards from the Navy and National Science Foundation and a third is pending with the Army.

Accio Energy — Alternative Energy Award Winner

Accio Energy, Inc. is an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based early-stage renewable energy company led by experienced and successful previously venture-backed executives. The company is developing unique “turbine-less” wind energy generation technology to deliver clean, sustainable energy to people around the globe. The company’s proprietary Aerovoltaic™ systems generate electricity using wind and a charged water mist. Collecting renewable energy from electric panels is not new (e.g. solar). Accio is the first to design panels to collect wind energy. To date, the company has proved its technical concept, achieved net positive energy, and has a path requiring just incremental advances to scale the technology into a commercially powerful game-changer. With the ability to improve on key turbine weaknesses, Accio is developing highly manufacturable products that win on both features and costs for onshore and offshore distributed and utility-scale installations closer to population centers. As a manufacturer of Aerovoltaic™ wind energy generation systems, Accio Energy will leverage the sophisticated automotive supply chain infrastructure in Michigan to deploy wind energy systems globally that will disrupt the entire wind energy supply chain cost structure with distinctive systems that are as silent, stationary, and modular as solar panels, and more cost effective than wind turbines.

ENRG Power Systems — Advanced Transportation Award Winner

ENRG Power Systems (EPS) is the premiere supplier of ground-breaking advanced ignition system technologies which reduce operating costs and improve the environmental performance of light-and medium-duty commercial vehicles. Fuel economy improvements of 14–19% and greenhouse gas emission reductions of 15–50% have been achieved through its Plasma Drive Ignition® system, using the power of plasma ignition to increase the operating efficiency of today’s V-8 gas engines. Available as a retrofit system, the Plasma Drive Ignition system provides tomorrow’s cleaner-burning engine technologies for today’s vehicle fleets.

ENRG Power Systems was established in 2009 to engineer, manufacture and market the Plasma Drive Ignition system. Headquartered in the metropolitan Detroit area – with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and technology development facilities in Long Island, New York– EPS is well-positioned to capitalize on and meet the country’s accelerating need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the demand for foreign oil. EPS is a member of Wayne State University’s Business Incubator, TechTown. The company’s principals have over 60 years of experience in automotive and high performance ignition systems, as well as degrees from MIT and Harvard Business School, positioning them to lead the growth of the company in the US and beyond.

Evigia — Defense & Homeland Security Award Winner

Evigia is a leading provider of wireless sensing, identification and tracking products and solutions targeting military, security, and commercial applications. The Evigia products advantage is in longer battery life, smaller form factor, and functionality per unit cost that all achieved through Evigia’s technology for integration of electronics and sensing functions on an integrated silicon chip. Evigia is one of the three companies with full suite of wireless sensor hardware products selected by US Department of Defense (DoD) for its global Total Visibility & In-Transit Asset Visibility (TAV & ITV) program. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Ann Arbor. The team has extensive industrial, startup, and commercialization background. We pursue growth in security, military and industrial equipment health monitoring, and commercial asset tracking markets enabled by our next generation integrated products with further miniaturization of the form factors, extension of battery life and features.

Hygieia, Inc — Medical Device Award Winner

Hygieia, Inc has commercialized University of Michigan technology to revolutionize diabetes care. Hygieia leverages the mature glucose meter business model, to market an easy-to-use handheld device that continuously optimizes a patient’s insulin dosage, helping them manage their diabetes. Hygieia’s technology is protected by multiple patents and applications. Its Management Team combines industry veterans and serial startup executives. Hygieia’s Clinical Advisory Board is a Who’s Who of leading endocrinologists and diabetes educators, many of whom are publishing influential reports ahead of a late 2011 market launch. Hygieia received a favorable “Pre-IDE Process” opinion from the FDA on its 510(k) regulatory strategy. Its glucose monitoring platform has already been cleared by the FDA. In a third clinical trial, currently underway at the International Diabetes Center (IDC) in Minneapolis, Hygieia’s software has generated over 700 dosage recommendations managing 45 patients. Hygieia has raised over $700K from angel investors, and an additional $587K through NIH/IRS grants. The Company is currently raising $10M in Series-A financing, which funds go-to-market activities at the IDC, the Joslin Clinic in Boston, and the Henry Ford Health System. Treatment protocols developed at these three initiation centers influence 107 diabetes centers nationwide, expanding Hygieia’s patient base and revenues.

Innovative Surgical Solutions — LIfe Science Award Winner

Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC (ISS) is a technology-driven company, specializing in the development and manufacturing of proprietary nerve monitoring systems. Injury to nerves is a major risk of surgical procedures and protection of nerves becomes an increasing challenge with Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). ISS has pioneered a game-changing method for mapping nerve location, resulting in a monitoring technique that is safer, faster and easier to use than traditional techniques. Conventional nerve monitoring is based on EMG, a complex method of measuring muscle activity, which is extremely difficult to interpret. The surgeon must rely on interpretation by a neurophysiologist or use an interface they neither understand nor trust. The surgeon is not in control and interpretation is highly variable and prone to errors. We offer an alternative to EMG. Our product is called NeuralMAS™ and its method of monitoring nerves uses MMG, which functions by detecting and measuring the mechanical activity in contracting muscle following nerve stimulation. NeuralMAS™ can easily locate and map nerves during surgery, ultimately increasing surgeon comfort and patient safety. We have a fully developed product and have received FDA clearance to market the device. Rapid growth is anticipated and we are seeking acceleration capital for marketing, sales training, workforce expansion and inventory buildup. We will achieve profitability within 12 months, with revenue greater than $50M by year 3.

Ix Innovations — Products and Services Award Winner

Established in 2009, Ann Arbor-based Ix Innovations is dedicated to enhancing the usability of electrical test and measurement instrumentation through continual product innovation. With particular expertise in analog circuitry, the company was founded based on intellectual property related to very low power measurement.Ix Innovations recently launched the PocketPico™ picoammeter – a highly sensitive instrument that quickly and accurately measures electrical current down to a trillionth of one ampere. The PocketPico’s handheld size and unique SafeRanging™ technology make it the first major innovation in this space in nearly a decade. Engineers find the PocketPico’s high accuracy, category-leading speed, and single measurement range effective for testing and characterization of optoelectronics, sensors, nanomaterials and more. Furthermore, the instrument’s small size and software interface make it ideal for low power field demonstrations at conferences, trade shows and sponsor visits.

The PocketPico picoammeter is just the company’s first product to market. Ix Innovations will fuel growth by further developing complementary low power test and measurement products under the PocketPico brand umbrella and by partnering with industry leading companies to enter new market segments.

Life Magnetics, Inc. — Encore Award Winner

Life Magnetics, Inc., an early stage diagnostics company and University of Michigan spin-out, is developing a novel platform for bacteria identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (“ID/AST”). The current standard-of-care requires the growth of extremely large populations of cells, which results in time lags for test results (2–4 days). Our proprietary technology platform, however, is sensitive to single cell changes, allowing for significantly faster time to results (<8 hours). The ability to rapidly and accurately monitor bacterial growth and response to chemical agents with single cell sensitivity provides us with the opportunity to significantly improve clinical outcomes while at the same time lowering the cost of care and mitigating the spread of drug-resistant bacteria. Due to the platform nature of the technology, we have chosen to simultaneously develop and commercialize our first two products: StaphSense (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA ID/AST) and LabFAST (expanded AST platform). The technology’s simplicity lends itself to follow-on products for cancer and industrial microbiology testing targeted later in the Company’s development programs. With funding received from the University of Michigan and Arboretum Ventures, Life Magnetics has demonstrated proof-of-concept with bacteria, yeast, and cancer cells.

MatchRX — Information Technology Award Winner

Breckenridge Capital LLC d/b/a MatchRX is a web-based marketplace that was developed exclusively for the pharmacy industry. At MatchRX, we provide a simple, secure way for pharmacies to better manage inventory on a daily basis. By connecting pharmacists across the US, we enable our members to buy and sell overstocked prescription drugs at 10%-90% off of wholesale prices from one another. The result is an easy way to minimize waste and improve their bottom line. That may be why many of our 500+ members refer to us as the “Ebay” of the pharmacy industry.

Healthcare, Internet, and Waste Management are three of the leading spaces driving todayʼs economy. At MatchRX, weʼve incorporated each of these fields in a single business model. By developing MatchRX, weʼve helped pharmacists even the playing field with the large national chains. As written in the July 2010 issue of Americaʼs Pharmacist, there are multiple reasons for pharmacists to incorporate MatchRX into their daily routine from becoming more efficient by increasing inventory turns, reducing carrying costs, reducing waste in landfills and waterways, to saving money when purchasing (Average Savings of 22% off wholesale) and selling on the site. Itʼs free to join, free to post, and members only incur a fee when another member purchases an order. In other words, pharmacists can only benefit by joining MatchRX.

Sproxil – People’s Choice Award Winner

Sproxil uses simple to understand techniques to provide robust anti-counterfeiting and brand loyalty solutions primarily in emerging markets. We tag products with tamper-evident labels which have a unique, item-specific hidden code much like a sophisticated serial number. Upon purchasing the product, consumers reveal and text message the code to Sproxil’s Mobile Product Authentication™ (MPA) service. We reply informing the consumer about the product’s authenticity based on the code. A specific code may only be used once and then it is invalidated. The service is free to consumers and paid for by product manufacturers. Our solution also helps companies connect directly to their consumers through customized text in the responses specifically targeting purchasers.

We’ve already sold more than 2m labels since our early 2010 launch and the Nigerian regulatory agency (equivalent to the US FDA) has endorsed MPAand selected it as Africa’s first national mobile-based anti-counterfeit service. We have secured grants from US AID, the Clinton Foundation and Nokia Forum and won awards from MITX and IBM. In addition President Clinton commended our work at the recent Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting saying Sproxil’s service ““is a genuinely remarkable achievement…[it’s] empowering…putting people in charge of their own healthcare.