Dennis Archer, Jr.

Dennis Archer, Jr.

Finalist Judge

dennis-archer-jrBorn and raised in Detroit, Dennis Archer, Jr. has deep roots in the city and has carefully cultivated relationships within the expansive metropolitan community and throughout the country. Dennis remains committed to the City of Detroit, where he lives, invests, works, and raises his two sons.

Dennis received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Michigan. He serves as an advisor to Ignition client Crowdfund Finance, on boards of Main Street Bank, The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, The General Motors Minority Supplier Council, The Dennis W. Archer Foundation, the Foundation, Wish Upon a Teen, and as an advisor to the Rhonda Walker Foundation.

Dennis previously served as a director at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American history and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Each stage of Dennis’s professional trajectory allowed him to develop translatable entrepreneurial skills and afforded him the opportunity to travel extensively. Further, his experiences provided him with a unique ability to move in circles not typically experienced by most. Presidents, actors, performance artists, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs nationwide consider Dennis a friend, supporter, partner, and advisor. These relationships often serve the Ignition team in its 360 degree approach to client needs, to include our unique strategic matchmaking practice, which Dennis helms.

Dennis’s decision to form Ignition grew out of a passion for business and a desire to provide businesses, large and small, with an approach to marketing and communication that increases visibility and resonates with target audiences. Initially, the agency worked with marquis brands to connect them with the nation’s influencer communities. Dennis recognized that tapping those individuals – those who through their affiliations can influence the opinions of others – results in increased brand recognition, a transfer of implied integrity, and depending upon the nature of the brand, increased sales or market share. In 2010, Dennis looked to grow the agency’s service offerings by adding a PR practice to what had historically been an experiential marketing-based business.