Mina Sooch

Mina Sooch

Finalist Judge

mina-soochMina Sooch, MBA, serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Gemphire Therapeutics.

Prior to joining Gemphire Therapeutics, she served from 2012 to 2014 as the CEO of ProNAi (NASDAQ:DNAI), a clinical-stage oncology company, and a board director from its founding in 2004 through 2014. At ProNAi, Ms. Sooch pioneered a new drug modality, DNAi, led the execution of Phase I and II trials on PNT2258 (a novel bcl2 targeted drug candidate) and raised over $70M in Series C and D financing from top tier institutional investors. The last round of $60M was the largest VC financing ever in Michigan’s history.

Prior to her operating role, she has spent over a decade in life sciences venture capital through founding of Apjohn Ventures and also as EIR at Northcoast Technology Investors. As a VC, she led the sourcing and evaluation of deals across therapeutic areas, the investment terms and syndication, the governance, the follow-on financings totaling over $300M, and the exits of several life sciences companies. Also, she co-founded three start-ups (Afmedica, ProNAi, and Nephrion/Cytopherx). Notable exits from the Apjohn portfolio include the acquisition of ZyStor by BioMarin(NASDAQ:BMRN) in 2010, the acquisition of Afmedica by Angiotech Pharmaceuticals in 2005, and the product acquisition from Ikano by Upsher-Smith in 2010. Ms. Sooch has served on over 10 private, public, and VC industry boards including ProNAi, ZyStor, Asterand, Cytopherx, Svelte, Wolverine Venture Fund, and Michigan Venture Capital Association. Earlier in her career from 1993-2000, she served as global account manager at Monitor Group, a top tier global strategy consulting firm based in Boston. In 1995, she worked on the multi-billion Pharmacia & Upjohn merger.

Mina received a MBA from Harvard Business School in 1993. She graduated summa cum laude and commencement speaker from Wayne State University in 1989 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.