Varsity News Network – 2013 Grand Prize Winner | Apply For The 2017 Accelerate Michigan!

Varsity News Network – 2013 Grand Prize Winner | Apply For The 2017 Accelerate Michigan!


2013 Accelerate Michigan Grand Prize Winner

Early Bird Applications Deadline Friday, August 4th

Company Eligibility & Deliverables

Company Profile:

  • Founded –
  • Location –
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Employees –
  • Total Fundraised –
  • Leadership
    Ryan Vaughn, CEO

Varsity News Network (VNN) has created a centralized hub for localities to communicate, engage and manage the fanfare surrounding high school athletics. VNN is consolidating what used to be fragmented communication between athletes, families, coaches, athletic directors and alumni. The media company’s product offering empowers a heightened sense of transparency for all stakeholders, which has proven to be of value by VNN’s rapid expansion into 3,200 high schools nationwide.

Overcoming the typical challenges facing high-growth companies, VNN has positioned itself as a dynamic Series A company that has been able to prove its value through consistent and widespread school signings. The company has interacted with a fair share of investors, and abides to the philosophy that “entrepreneurs should create lines vs dots” when dealing with stakeholders – creating long term relationships. A key ingredient to sustaining these long term relationships is building trust through clear communication of objectives and their timely execution.

Varsity News Network has positioned itself to have a stellar 2017 as the company continues to trek forward on its rapid expansion and product roll-out strategy. With their most recent round of financing, VNN will continue to grow its revenue potential and make key hires that will propel the company forward.

Key Learnings:

  • Go into Accelerate Michigan to win it
  • Recognize that rapid growth places stressors on all the operational pieces of your company, it’s important to have the right structures in place for feedback & modification
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to connect with the VC’s, fellow entrepreneurs, & available services to help solidify your company’s vision